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September 21, 2012

Tooth Lost !

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Cezanne had an exciting day at school on Wednesday this week when she lost a tooth during circle time. She had been working on this tooth for the last two weeks and finally it just fell out. She bagged it and brought it home and got to write her name of the “I lost a tooth” chart in the class ! The Tooth Fairy brought her a couple of dollars and 20 Jamaican Dollars, she must have been on vacation when she got the call that Cezanne had lost a tooth, sorry about that Tooth Fairy…

April 25, 2012

Rewarded !

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The tooth fairy paid Cezanne a visit and rewarded her with $5 and a certificate. There was even some fairy dust on her pillow ( the orange bottle ) which really made it special.

April 24, 2012

The Tooth is Out !

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Finally after a couple of days of wiggling the first baby tooth has been plucked from Cezanne’s gum. Cezanne was very excited and wrote the tooth fairy a note asking for “some dollars and candy”. The tooth is in the little bag attached to the note.

April 12, 2012

Finally ! Loose Tooth !

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Maybe it was due to all our brushing of the teeth or Cezanne’s lack of love for lots of candy but it has taken until she is almost 6 years old for her first baby tooth to loosen up. Out of the blue she came running to report that her tooth was loose. She was actually quite freaked out and in quite a panic until we calmed her down and explained that this was a sign that she was getting bigger ( Chloe has already lost teeth and so have most of the kids in her class, so I suspect she was feeling a little left behind ).


After she realized what a milestone this was she relaxed and actually began to feel quite excited about the thought of a visit from the tooth fairy.

January 10, 2010

Junior Gymnastic Olympians

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Today Rachel’s grandfather took photos of the girls and gave us a couple of Cezanne.

cezanne_gymnastics_2010_a.jpg cezanne_gymnastics_2010_b.jpg cezanne_gymnastics_2010_c.jpg cezanne_gymnastics_2010_d.jpg
The girls “pay attention”
as coach Carter shows
them a new exercise.
Cezanne on the
balance beam
Leila, Ryann, Cezanne,
Rachel & Cassidy
“Hand Stand !!”

November 24, 2009


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Now that we know what we are in for with the whole JOMites program I figured I better go and see how much better Cezanne has gotten over the past few weeks. I was taking her initially when work was quiet and I was working solo on a project, but I have not been able to take her for quite a few weeks now. I know she has issues with listening and paying attention for more than a few seconds ( unless it is on TV, then she can remain focused for hours ). She is the youngest in the class, and while there are only 5 girls some are already 4 years old and the difference is very obvious. I was impressed with he improved willingness to try the various exercises, before she would only do it when the coach was watching or telling her to do it, today she when on and did the exercises just like the other girls. She and Rachel, the other youngest seem to get along well and are always sitting next to one another and chatting nonstop. The older girls watch and listen and pay attention, Cezanne & Rachel do not and often get into trouble for this… Cezanne has come a long way – her strength has improved and her fearlessness is impressive. While I am not quite ready to turn the basement into a gymnasium, I am considering getting a few mats and maybe a bar or balance beam for her to “play” / “practice” on, especially during the long winter that lies ahead…


Cezanne doing her hand stand with coach Carter. Rachel is the tiny little girl in pink closest to the camera. The final photo was taken just seconds before the end of class where the coach promised them all a treat for good, hard work. The treat was a lollipop and a Naperville Gymnastics Club Cap. The 4 girls actually looked like a team with the caps on…

November 5, 2009

Cezanne writes her name (with help)

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Today while doing an art project with Mommy, Cezanne, with some help from Mommy, wrote her name…

Lanelle wrote the name and then dotted out the name below and Cezanne did the rest…

Each day this little darling blows me away with how smart she is. Now if she could just learn to listen to us when we speak…


November 3, 2009

Cezanne draws Daddy feeding Etienne

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This is a brag post but I just could not help myself. Our budding little artist is outdoing herself every day. Today she drew a picture of Ryan feeding Etienne his bottle and although still very elementary it is a recognizable picture as oppose to beautiful scribbles. See for yourself.


May 17, 2009

Baseball Babe

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Cezanne really loves her sports and games and has taken to both baseball and basketball. Here are a few photos of her in her pretty pink PJs playing baseball in the entry way at home. We are now pitching to her underarm and she is able to get a few good hits in, I am thinking scholarship !!

Cezanne being who she is, nothing can ever just be what it is, she needs to take it and “jazz it up” so we first pose for a regular baseball picture but then we have to really strike a pose for Daddy ! Notice the hand on the hip and also that we can pose both right and left 😉


August 9, 2008

See a Penny…

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How does the saying go ?

See a penny, pick it up, something about all day long you’ll have good luck. Well sure, if your name is not Cezanne and you don’t put the penny in your mouth and then accidentally swallow it !

Yes, it finally happened. Actually quite surprising that it took this long. Cezanne is EXTREMELY oral, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth and I mean EVERYTHING. I am guessing she has super powerful taste buds that tell her more about an object that touch or smell or sight. She will put anything and everything in her mouth and we are very lucky that it has taken this long for this to happen.

We were at Christa & Jannie making borewors and droewors when Cezanne found a penny on the floor and thought it would be very funny to put it in her mouth so that Mommy could not get to it and take it away, well she tripped and swallowed the penny which resulted in Lanelle taking her to the hospital for an X-Ray. Fortunately it did not get stuck and was in her tummy by the time the X-Ray was taken and while we both hoped the trip to the ER would be traumatic for Cezanne so that it would act as the lesson and punishment all in one, turns out they have TVs in the examination rooms playing kids TV ! Cezanne probably though this was a special treat !

Now we get to hand search each diaper for the “lucky” penny…

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