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May 11, 2011

4 Sutures Later…

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Yesterday while playing in the basement, Cezanne managed to run, slip, fall and collide with the wall with such force that she split open her forehead and we had to rush off to the emergency room.

As you all know head injuries bleed like crazy and so by the time we made it to the ER the wet face cloth we had given her to hold in place was soaked in blood.

Strange enough Cezanne was is pretty high spirits, almost oblivious to the seriousness of her injury. The doctor on duty saw her almost immediately and worked very nicely with her. They used a special gell to numb the skin before proceeding with the 4 sutures. Cezanne was very brave through it all and was lucky enough to get a popsicle when it was all over.

Etienne thought this trip to the hospital was a lot of fun and even better when he too got a popsicle !!

We have to go back in 5 days to have the “magical strings” removed.


June 25, 2010

4 year old checkup

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June 25th, Cezanne and Etienne at the doctor for their checkups.

Cezanne for her 4 year old checkup and her stats are :

Weight : 35 pounds

Height : 42 inches

August 9, 2008

See a Penny…

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How does the saying go ?

See a penny, pick it up, something about all day long you’ll have good luck. Well sure, if your name is not Cezanne and you don’t put the penny in your mouth and then accidentally swallow it !

Yes, it finally happened. Actually quite surprising that it took this long. Cezanne is EXTREMELY oral, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth and I mean EVERYTHING. I am guessing she has super powerful taste buds that tell her more about an object that touch or smell or sight. She will put anything and everything in her mouth and we are very lucky that it has taken this long for this to happen.

We were at Christa & Jannie making borewors and droewors when Cezanne found a penny on the floor and thought it would be very funny to put it in her mouth so that Mommy could not get to it and take it away, well she tripped and swallowed the penny which resulted in Lanelle taking her to the hospital for an X-Ray. Fortunately it did not get stuck and was in her tummy by the time the X-Ray was taken and while we both hoped the trip to the ER would be traumatic for Cezanne so that it would act as the lesson and punishment all in one, turns out they have TVs in the examination rooms playing kids TV ! Cezanne probably though this was a special treat !

Now we get to hand search each diaper for the “lucky” penny…

August 7, 2008

Two Year Visit

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Almost a month and a half after turning 2 we finally got to see the Doctor for the 2 year checkup. Cezanne seems to be doing just fine. We have all the stats and she is growing and getting bigger but is still a tall thin girl. The Doctor is very pleased with her physical and mental development – the fact that she can tumble on her own impressed him. He did ask Cezanne to put on 3 – 4 more pounds before her 3 year visit, we just hope the eating improves else we will have to feed her in her sleep 😉

The vital stats are :Height : 35.5″

Weight : 27lb 2oz

Head : 18.5″

cezannegrowth2year-weight.jpg cezannegrowth2year-length.jpg

December 30, 2007

18 Doctor Visit

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We saw the doctor for Cezanne’s 18 month visit and all seems to be on track. She is growing up and we are feeling better about her “stats”, she has climbed a bit and is doing well in all area according to the doctor. Her runny nose and cough are also getting better along with her mood.

Here are her stats as of 12/28/2007

Weight : 23lbs 3oz

Length : 32″

Head Circumference : 18″

Snow fell again and now Chicago is again a winter wonderland covered in white frosting. Happy New Year !

cezanne-height-18months.jpg cezanne-weight-18months.jpg
18 Month Height Chart 18 Month Weight Chart

December 14, 2007

Ear Infection, Potty Front & Back

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It has been a crazy week. Cezanne has been ‘sick’ with a double ear infection. I say ‘sick’because she has shown no sign of really being under the weather and as I sit here now she is sitting on my lap while I type, throwing everything in reach on the ground and trying to help me type…

So we have been administering the medicine for the last few days and just finished the dose and have a doctors appointment in a few minutes to hear if we are ‘all clear’.

On a positive note Cezanne is now able to tell us when she is or has just gone ‘potty’, when we ask she tells us and lets us know ( as if we need to ask ) if it is front ( pee pee ) or back ( poo pee ). She also tells us if it is nap time for Cezanne by putting her hand up to her ear and is really getting pretty clever with the signs.

She is also now starting to solve problems, like ‘how do I see what is on the kitchen counter?’ She takes the step stool in the kitchen, pushes it up against the base cabinets, climbs on the stool and then giggles with delight.

dsc_4611.JPG Cezanne while she was “sick” with the double ear infection.

dsc_4616.JPG Cezanne climbing on the step stool.

We just got back from the doctor who says she is now all better and that the last bit of fluid in her left ear will clear up on its own so no more medicine…

September 25, 2007

The doctor says…

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…good job Mommy & Daddy !

15 month visit today and Cezanne is doing well. The doctor says she in developing beautifully, but we don’t really need a doctor to tell us that now do we 😉

Her specs are : 31.5 inches in length, 22 lbs in weight and her head has grown ever so slightly to a circumference of 17.75 inches.

She did have to have 2 shots which she did not enjoy at all, but recovered well and forgot that they ever happened by the time we got home.

June 22, 2007

Doctor Visit – All OK !

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Today we saw the Doctor for Cezanne’s one year appointment and he says she looks great. She is on track and there is nothing to worry about. Her current stats are :

Head Circumference : 17.25 inches

Height / Length : 29.75 inches

Weight : 20lbs 1oz

These stats put her at 20% for Head Circumference, 38% for Weight, and 75% for Height / Length. So we have a tall skinny little girl with a very small head.

Cezanne also got 2 injections, which were not very pleasant, but the Bugs Bunny plasters did make up for the “ouch”.

We are now onto “grown up” food, and milk and pretty much anything Mom & Dad eat, except seafood and peanut butter. Cezanne, you are safe from the peanut butter – we don’t own a jar at all !

March 23, 2007

Doctor Visit – 9 Months

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Today was our 9 month well visit with the new doctor, Doctor Olsen.

First the nurse took a blood sample to check Cezanne’s iron levels, she needed to be above 10, she was a 13 ! No need for multi-vitamins !

Cezanne had seen the doctor a couple of weeks ago for a running nose and cough and did not seem to like him but today was much better. The doctor said that Cezanne looks perfect and is on track with all her development so we must be doing something right 🙂

Her measurements now are : Weight 18lbs 1oz, Height 28.25 inches and Head Circumference 16.75 inches.
As a reward for growing up so well we went and bought her a new toy. Photos to follow 🙂

March 8, 2007

New doctor in town

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We took Cezanne to her new pediatrician yesterday as she had a bit of mucus build up in her lungs. Everything is fine and she is wonderful as always 🙂 We like the new doctor but Cezanne has her reservations which she made known loudly during her ear exam. We are starting to teach her to sign but so far her only response to the whole thing is laughing and flapping her arms wildly. She thinks mommy is being very funny and dad is just as silly when he tries to sign.

Our computer has finally died so no photos for a while…

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