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December 30, 2012

The end of 2012

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We ended this year much like we started it – with a day at the beach – even though we live more than 90 minutes drive from the coast we just had to get out of the house again since the sun was out and we needed to show off more of the beauty of California to my visiting parents.

This time we headed to Capitola, another favorite beach with a great eatery on the beach serving calamari and fries which was yet again, outstanding !

The beach looked very different today – possibly due to high tide or all the rains we had received, the beach was covered in pebbles and the landscape on the beach was quite different from when we visited earlier in the year.


As you can see we had an awesome time and Cezanne and Lanelle went about collecting sea glass that turned out to be quite a treasure hunt and something quite competitive between mother and daughter.

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