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August 30, 2012

Don’t Know ?

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Lanelle made bubbles and went out into the backyard and played with the kids. They really love it when she does this but it makes them both a little crazy, the photos say it all…


I am really lucky, I have cute kids 😉

August 22, 2012

First Grade Starts !!

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Real school officially started for Cezanne. It sure helped that she did her kindergarten year at the same school because now she knew exactly where she was going and while she knew she would not be in class with all the same people, she knew she would still get to see them on the playground. She started First grade with great excitement and eagerness.


Cezanne outside her new classroom and at new desk.

August 9, 2012

Arizona Swim Vacation

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We finally took the camera to the pool for some shots of the kids splashing and swimming.

Cezanne had been watching the Olympics and decided that her new hero was Missy Franklin.


The summer swim lessons were showing evidence of a great improvement in Cezanne’s confidence in the water.


We got so busy swimming each moment we had we never really got a chance to drive out into the desert at sunset for a great “sunset with cactus” photo that Lanelle wanted. This was the best we could manage…

August 8, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 – Arizona

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We took a short vacation in the middle of summer to the desert of Arizona – the idea being go some where super hot and be 100% sure you can swim each and every day for pretty much as many hours as you want to ! Mission accomplished ! We found a great deal on a week long vacation in Phoenix / Scottsdale at a Water park Resort Hotel. We swam so much that we did not spend really any time at the side of the pool so we left the camera in the room for most of the vacation. We did have to throw in the towel most days over lunch time due to the extreme heat and during one such break from the pool we went to an aquarium at a nearby mall.



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