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July 13, 2012

Camping Queen, Frisbee Flyer & Driftwood Rockstar

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Our summer camping trip to Bodega Bay with Friends Liam & Keira. The weather was NOT fun at all with gale force winds almost destroying our brand new tent. We also discovered that the climate at the beach is a lot more mild than we expected. When we left home it was about 88F and I suggested to Lanelle that she throw a warm set of clothes into the car for each kid and herself, just in case, by the time we arrived at the camp site the temperature was about 57F with +30 mile per hour winds. We lasted one night and then gave up 🙁


Cezanne, Keira, Liam and Etienne loved the camping and the climbing and the beach !!


Cezanne discovered a Frisbee in amongst the beach toys that Liam and Keira had brought along and really enjoyed throwing it as hard as she could and then chasing it down again !


We did spend most of the next day on the beach in warm clothes ( except the kids who did not seem to bothered by the cold ). Cezanne and Keira created a surf board store, and you can see Cezanne riding one of their surf boards. We also had to have a photo shoot near the drift wood, the poses slowly became more extreme until finally some sort of beach rockstar emerged…

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