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July 18, 2012

Christmas Gift in July

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Celeste gave us a photo session with San Francisco photographer Dinno Kovic. We tried once before but the weather really did not play along so we rescheduled and today was the day. We did an early morning shoot at Crissy Fields in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop and Dinno did a wonderful job getting some really amazing natural photos along with some more formal posed photos. If you are looking for some great outdoor on location photos then I suggest you contact Dinno ( http://www.dinnokovic.com ).




July 13, 2012

Camping Queen, Frisbee Flyer & Driftwood Rockstar

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Our summer camping trip to Bodega Bay with Friends Liam & Keira. The weather was NOT fun at all with gale force winds almost destroying our brand new tent. We also discovered that the climate at the beach is a lot more mild than we expected. When we left home it was about 88F and I suggested to Lanelle that she throw a warm set of clothes into the car for each kid and herself, just in case, by the time we arrived at the camp site the temperature was about 57F with +30 mile per hour winds. We lasted one night and then gave up 🙁


Cezanne, Keira, Liam and Etienne loved the camping and the climbing and the beach !!


Cezanne discovered a Frisbee in amongst the beach toys that Liam and Keira had brought along and really enjoyed throwing it as hard as she could and then chasing it down again !


We did spend most of the next day on the beach in warm clothes ( except the kids who did not seem to bothered by the cold ). Cezanne and Keira created a surf board store, and you can see Cezanne riding one of their surf boards. We also had to have a photo shoot near the drift wood, the poses slowly became more extreme until finally some sort of beach rockstar emerged…

July 6, 2012

Party Party Party Party Party Party

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Hello Kitty, if you don’t know is a Japanese cartoon character created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu. Sanrio who owns the Hello Kitty brand earned over $1 billion annually in sales outside of Japan, as of 2003. ( per the Hello Kitty wiki ). If you have a 5 or 6 year old girl you will know all about Hello Kitty…

So for her 6th Birthday Party we just had to have a Hello Kitty Birthday Party !


Cezanne and all her friends out in the backyard. Jori, Sophia and Cezanne. Cezanne trying to get Keira to warm up to the party…


Finally it was time for cupcakes and the blowing out of the candle.


The highlight of the party was the pinata, and the best part of all was that Cezanne did actually end up with the last ribbon which was the all important ribbon that when pulled opened up the pinata and showered her and all her friends in candy.

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