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June 19, 2012

The Great Canadian Outdoors

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Celeste, Frederik and I decided to go golfing and the kids wanted to come along and see what it was all about. I have to say that I was very unsure how they would do. We decided to just play 9 holes and see how things went. The kids were AWESOME and behaved so well.


Cezanne and Etienne warmed up on the first tee and then helped out with the driving of the golf carts between holes.


By the eighth hole you’d think they would be bored or tired, not these two… They felt it was time for a song and dance and while we tried to focus on the important putting they were performing for us.


On to the ninth hole, the end was in sight and as you can see both kids were still happy and enjoying every minute of this outing.

After we got home we had mentioned to Cezanne that Celeste and Frederik do a little bow shooting and with the movie Brave having just come out she wanted to try it too. Celeste arranged to borrow a bow from the local range and Cezanne got to shoot box & arrow. She really enjoyed this, Frederik had a target with a deer on it and it did not seem to bother Cezanne in the least that she was shooting a deer. She really got into it and went as far as making her own target. On her first afternoon of trying and on her last arrow of the session I jokingly said to her that since it was her last arrow she should make it a good one and that she should shoot a bulls-eye. Well you guessed it, she did !!! Photographic proof below.


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