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June 24, 2012

Canadian Church Camp

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The fun just did not seem to have an end. Our hosts invited us to join them at their annual Church Summer Camp and both kids got their faces painted, we have a big pot luck lunch and then more beach play !

June 22, 2012

Water Balloon Fights & Boat Rides

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Cezanne and Etienne just love water balloon fights. For those who have ever prepared for such and event will know how much work it is to inflate and fill 50+ balloons and just how quickly those 50+ balloons become zero balloons ! If it weren’t for the smiles, the screams and the mountains of fun that these little wet bombs produce I’m not sure the effort would be worth it !

Lanelle and I took on Etienne and Cezanne while Uncle Frederik took some action shots !


After the war had been won by the 6 year old and her big “baby” brother we went out on the lake for a boat ride. This really was a pretty amazing vacation !!

June 21, 2012

Cupcakes & Sunsets

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After getting the recipe book and baking gear ( apron, oven mitt, etc ) Cezanne ( but I think more so Aunty Celeste ) just had to try something out. So they decided to bake cupcakes and then decorate them as all sorts of animals.  Here Cezanne poses with her creations.


Uncle Frederik had to get in on the “being a cool uncle” action and pulled out the ATV and we went for a ride in the wild just off their backyard. Cezanne was a little nervous but got to ride with Uncle Frederik which made it “ok”.



Later still we got to visit Donna & Gerri’s beach house – both kids love this place – there was plenty of late afternoon sun and then the day ended with a fantastic sunset. Cezanne just had to get in a few good “model” poses as well as a few where she looks much sweeter than she should 😉

June 20, 2012

Turning 6 in Canada

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One of the highlights for Cezanne was that she got to have her birthday in Canada with Aunty Celeste and Uncle Frederik. On the big day there were gifts to be opened and a play date with an old friend, Demi, which she met last time we visited.

It was actually very special for Cezanne, she got gifts from so many people who had all been told it was Cezanne’s birthday ! She was really lucky !


Cezanne opening gifts, and in particular the apron and oven mitt set that Aunty Celeste bought her – in fact it was a set of two so that she and a friend could bake all sorts of fun easy things from the recipe book that was included ( Thanks again ! )

Cezanne and Demi managed to stand still just long enough for 1 photo 🙂

June 19, 2012

The Great Canadian Outdoors

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Celeste, Frederik and I decided to go golfing and the kids wanted to come along and see what it was all about. I have to say that I was very unsure how they would do. We decided to just play 9 holes and see how things went. The kids were AWESOME and behaved so well.


Cezanne and Etienne warmed up on the first tee and then helped out with the driving of the golf carts between holes.


By the eighth hole you’d think they would be bored or tired, not these two… They felt it was time for a song and dance and while we tried to focus on the important putting they were performing for us.


On to the ninth hole, the end was in sight and as you can see both kids were still happy and enjoying every minute of this outing.

After we got home we had mentioned to Cezanne that Celeste and Frederik do a little bow shooting and with the movie Brave having just come out she wanted to try it too. Celeste arranged to borrow a bow from the local range and Cezanne got to shoot box & arrow. She really enjoyed this, Frederik had a target with a deer on it and it did not seem to bother Cezanne in the least that she was shooting a deer. She really got into it and went as far as making her own target. On her first afternoon of trying and on her last arrow of the session I jokingly said to her that since it was her last arrow she should make it a good one and that she should shoot a bulls-eye. Well you guessed it, she did !!! Photographic proof below.


June 17, 2012

Canadian Vacation 2012 – Day 1

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We took a trip to visit Celeste & Frederik in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada again this year. This time the trip was a pleasure, no issues like 2 years ago !!

After arriving and being picked up by Frederik in Edmonton we still had the 3 hour drive North, when we finally arrived at their house there was only one place we all wanted to be – in the hot tub !


June 10, 2012

Beach Baby

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Cezanne loves the beach, the sandy part, far more than she loves the water. In this regard she and her brother are complete opposites. The boy loves the water while Cezanne loves the sand. She will go in the sea but really just loves to play on and in the sand.


After some morning beach time we visited a petting zoo and fed the animals. Cezanne managed to fall and roll off a grand stand seating structure and while she did not get hurt her ego was bruised because it happened in front of other people who saw her embarrassing fall. Lucky for her Grant was on hand to offer some quick comic relief.

June 9, 2012

Beach Weekend in Central California

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Friends from many years ago ( before kids and while we lived in the bay area ) had another baby ( #3 ) and we along with some other friends from that era decided to pay them a visit.

The Sinclair-Lee family and the Lambert family camped out at a KOA cabin/camper campground near the beach.

Day 1 of our weekend we arrived and then hung out with the Svendsen’s at their house in San Luis Obispo (http://www.slocity.org/)

Cezanne had a ball running and chasing the other kids all around her age. She and Emily Svendsen, who had met before, got reacquainted.

June 8, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten

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Cezanne and Etienne pose for a photo on Cezanne’s last day of kindergarten.

The class put on a little presentation, a couple of songs with moves for the proud parents.


There was a lot of cheering for each student as their name was read out to collect their graduation certificate.

Cezanne and Mrs Bowen. Jori, Cezanne and Maggie. Mrs Bowen signs Cezanne’s yearbook and then poses for a picture.


Etienne, Cezanne and Tom pose for a photo. Cezanne and almost all her class play catch and chase on the playground for a last time after school. Etienne joins in as if he is one of the group !

June 6, 2012

Cezanne’s Fun @ School

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Cezanne and her class engaging in some fun activities with help from a bunch of the moms.


An ice cream sundae social followed the team “competition”. Cezanne was in the blue team and chose to wear her team sash as a belt.

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