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April 30, 2012

Etienne @ School

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I had to take some photos at school so had the camera on hand and got these shots of Cezanne’s little baby brother – yes that big boy in the orange t-shirt that looks like just another one of the kindergartners on the playground. He really loves coming to school with us to drop her off or fetch her in the afternoon. Cezanne loves it too.


April 26, 2012

Open House @ School

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Cezanne’s school held their Open House and students acted as tour guides showing their parents around their classroom. Since both Lanelle and I have helped out in the classroom we knew our way around, even Etienne has been in her class a couple of times and headed straight for the blocks and toys while we followed Cezanne from one station to the next checking out her work from the year.


Cezanne with some of her art. Cezanne puts herself on WOW – this is what they do when they have done something good ( like listen to the teacher and do as they are told or pay attention ).


Cezanne shows off her name tag and then the display outside was of what each child felt was their best feature… Almost all the girls said their hair was their favorite, Cezanne was one of them…

April 25, 2012

Rewarded !

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The tooth fairy paid Cezanne a visit and rewarded her with $5 and a certificate. There was even some fairy dust on her pillow ( the orange bottle ) which really made it special.

April 24, 2012

The Tooth is Out !

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Finally after a couple of days of wiggling the first baby tooth has been plucked from Cezanne’s gum. Cezanne was very excited and wrote the tooth fairy a note asking for “some dollars and candy”. The tooth is in the little bag attached to the note.

April 23, 2012

Fancy Hair

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Lanelle has finally snapped, she is so bored with Cezanne’s hair and the fact that Cezanne always just wants a “top pony” that she has gone looking for more exciting and creative hairstyles that she can try out. Here are some photos of a more successful creative hair session.


April 22, 2012

Choo Choo

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Our new friends by way of a meeting at Gymboree, Colin & Minette who parent Liam and Kiera invited me to bring the kids along on the Niles Canyon Railroad which runs back and forth between Sunol and Niles / Fremont. The dads gave the moms a morning off taking the kids on this very neat train trip through the canyon.


Cezanne & Kiera show off their tickets, Cezanne on the train, Cezanne and Kiera look out from the open carriage.

April 21, 2012

Backyard Pool Opens

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A super hot spring day meant that I needed to get the pool out and filled for the kids. I had told Cezanne that the water was going to be cold and that she needed to wait until the afternoon when it would have warmed up and would then be nice to swim in. I don’t think I had even put the hose away before they were both in their swim suits and ready to jump in.

Cezanne had asked that I set it up next to the climbing structure so that they could do some diving…

April 14, 2012

Time to Return

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We had a great time visiting with the Basson’s but it was time to return home. All the kids were a little off on the day – I guess they could sense it was the end of the vacation and that they would have to say their goodbyes.


We tried to take a few last photos of all the kids together but as you know kids never work with you. They have that built in feature to always do the opposite of what you ask. The girls actually all did very well but Etienne did not want to be in the picture with the girls. The sitting and smiling and posing then got out of hand and there were tears and drama.


Eventually things calmed down and Cezanne and Chloe got to sit together and I managed to get these few shots of the girls.


I then wanted to try and get brother and sister together at the swings and of all 50+ photos I took there was one in which they were not hitting, kicking or fussing with one another…


My absolute favorite photos are the last 2 – I love the one of the 4 kids at the swing, Cezanne looks like she is about ready to jump right up and out of the photo. I also love the “I’m angry leave me alone, while I try to fight back a smile.” photo. I had been taking so many photos that Cezanne had finally had enough and climbed up into the play structure and was trying to hide from me, I managed to get this one before she stormed off again…

April 12, 2012

Finally ! Loose Tooth !

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Maybe it was due to all our brushing of the teeth or Cezanne’s lack of love for lots of candy but it has taken until she is almost 6 years old for her first baby tooth to loosen up. Out of the blue she came running to report that her tooth was loose. She was actually quite freaked out and in quite a panic until we calmed her down and explained that this was a sign that she was getting bigger ( Chloe has already lost teeth and so have most of the kids in her class, so I suspect she was feeling a little left behind ).


After she realized what a milestone this was she relaxed and actually began to feel quite excited about the thought of a visit from the tooth fairy.

April 10, 2012

Girls Hair Cuts

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Lanelle and Daleen promised the girls a hair cut together at a “salon” specially suited for kids. Cezanne actually had one of her first hair cuts at this same “salon”. The girls get to pick a movie and a special seat and then get their hair cut while they watch their selected movie. Chloe was a little nervous but Cezanne enjoyed her haircut. I think the result is just fabulous.


The kids were not ready for bed at bedtime and so we gave in and put the 4 of them in Daleen’s bed where they got to watch some TV until most of them were either ready for bed or had gotten board and come looking for us or milk or hot chocolate…


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