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March 31, 2012

Just some art…

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Cezanne and Etienne wanted to do some art, this usually ends up being a 2 minute exercise that takes 30 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to clean up…

This time we actually got setup and doing art pretty quickly and we did a few different “projects” ending off with some sculpture. Cezanne made a sheep and a snowman ( I think ) which have been drying now and have yet to be painted.


March 29, 2012

Rain, and excuse to Kinect ?

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Spring rains forced the kids inside for a few days and this nearly drove them nuts. When the weather forecast called for 4 days of non stop rain I thought it would be good if they had something active to do inside and had been looking for an excuse to buy Kinect for my XBOX 360. Turns out it is fun but not something either of the kids is drawn to, they will play with it if it is on, but don’t come out and ask for it.


Cezanne is still very little in this regard – she prefers to play pretend and dress up and outside with Etienne, which is all good and actually what I prefer. For now the Kinect will gather dust and offer their lazy father the ability to talk to his XBOX rather than push buttons when wanting to tell it what to do next.

March 24, 2012

Things to do on rainy days…

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Rain, rain and more rain, two weeks and counting…

For kids who love to play outside this spring rain is really depressing. It is cold which makes it even worse, I think the kids would be happy to play in the rain if it just was not so cold. It got so bad that we went out in the rain to try buy some things to do on rainy days and found face paint and the fell into designing and making custom fancy flip flops after almost accidentally shoplifting a pair of fancy flip flops from a store. Cezanne had found a pair of fancy flip flops in the store we were in and had been carrying them around, I told her we were not going to buy them today and walked out, she was lingering and finally followed me out with the flip flops in hand. I immediately chased her back into the store and told her to return them to where she found them. She did so all on her own but I think she did get a little bit of a shock at my reaction. We talked about it in the car and then found flip flops you can decorate yourself at the next store we stopped at and Lanelle and Cezanne picked out 2 pairs to do up !




It actually got so bad with all this rain that I decided to try Microsoft’s XBOX 360 Kinect to see if that would be something to keep them busy for a while and give their mother some chance at sanity. I plugged it all in and powered everything on and that was when the DLP lamp in my TV decided to say farewell… I have yet to shed a tear for my ‘beloved’ but a new lamp is on the way. We have re-purposed a 24 inch PC monitor from my study that was acting as a paperweight and while the screen size is now MUCH smaller the kids are actually getting into it and Cezanne especially has asked a few times to play with this really cool technology.

March 16, 2012

Leprechaun Mischief

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St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal for those attending John Green Elementary since it is in the city of Dublin, CA…

The students in K3 had to make leprechaun traps to try catch the naughty leprechauns who cause all sorts of mischief…


When the student’s arrived at school they found signs of misbehavior all over their classroom and they all thought this was very funny.


Cezanne really did enjoy this.


Cezanne “Murphy O’Brien” – the pose for the class scrapbook.


K3 & Mrs Bowen

March 4, 2012

Early Spring !

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Spring arrived early ! A warm sunny day and the kids just had to get outside and play in the water.

Cezanne wanted me to setup the pool but all we had was this left over baby pool. I took a bunch photos and then created this stop motion clip.

Cezanne runs, jumps and lands with a splash !

Her second attempt is even better with a bigger splash !

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