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September 30, 2011

Gator Gallop

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…and so it begins. Fund raising for school.

John Green Elementary has an alligator as a mascot and so this “Fun Run” is called the Gator Gallop. Lanelle and 2 other mothers who are now the “class room Moms” made the outfits for the kids ( with their help during class one day ).

Cezanne ran 26 laps ! The poor little kids ran around in circles “laps” for 45 minutes ! She and all her classmates did a great job !! Go Gators !!

dsc_0929.JPG dsc_0939.JPG dsc_0944.JPG dsc_0989.JPG
Cezanne = Ready ! K3 class to the start. Off they go ! Cezanne going strong !
dsc_0993.JPG dsc_1016.JPG dsc_1022.JPG
Cezanne & Maggie. The K3 class after. Popsicles for everybody !!

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