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July 26, 2011

Californian Weather is Great !

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Oh yeah ! This is one of the benefits of living in California ! Great summer weather, day after day after day !

Cezanne and Etienne setup a tea party on the patio and enjoyed some sunshine !

July 24, 2011

Late Christmas / House Warming Gift

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We bought Etienne ( but knew Cezanne would enjoy it too ) a train set for Christmas but were lazy / clever to not build it before the move. We figured we could give it to the kids as a belated Christmas gift / welcome to your new home gift. They LOVE the train table…


Cezanne has taken to the train table in a big way and plays the most wonderful imagination games with all the little trains. Etienne has learned a lot from his big sister.

July 18, 2011

We have stuff !!

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Finally, after months, our stuff finally arrived and we have started the long, slow process of unpacking !

The kids are so happy to have their toys again. Having lost a basement their play area is now much smaller than they are used to but they will adjust and focus their play into the allocated area we have set aside for them.

July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA

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dsc_0492.JPG 4th of July, dressed in Red, White and Blue on our way out to watch fireworks.



You might be wondering where these photos were taken, it certainly does not look like a hotel room…

You would be correct – we are finally in our new home !!! We have no furiture, but we have a roof over our heads that we own ( well the bank owns it until we pay it off, but that is just a technicality )

Cezanne and Etienne love the space and are so glad to be out of the hotel. ( So are we ! )

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