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June 21, 2011

Fish for Five

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Cezanne decided that she wanted fish for her birthday – it was sort of a birthday / new house / pet gift all wrapped into one. I guess parental guilt set in over the ordeal we had put her through with this relocation with not so much as a moan from Cezanne. Kids are like cockroaches, they are tough as nails and can survive anything !


Cezanne and her fancy light up fish tank. ( Later the tank was returned and a bigger, better, more practical tank was purchased )

June 20, 2011

Finally Five !

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It will certainly not be remembered as the greatest birthday ever, but due to conditions outside our control we had to celebrate Cezanne’s milestone 5th birthday in a hotel room with a cupcake and candle. The little darling did not let any of this spoil her day, she enjoyed every minute of it. The circumstances causing this less that ideal birthday had to do with our relocation process, the fact that we were still waiting to hear if we had secured the bank owned home we had made an offer on more than 3 weeks earlier…

Cezanne you were a superstar for not making a fuss about how or where we celebrated – we did it together and that is what made it special !!

June 12, 2011

Welcome to California !

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The Lambert family are now residents of California… (Just don’t ask for our address – we don’t have one yet !)

How ironic that I end my posts from Chicago / Naperville with a photo of Cezanne on a carousel and here I start a new chapter with a photo of Cezanne on a carousel. Maybe this is how her life will be, one big fun round about. I certainly hope so 🙂

Queen of the Carousel !

One of the few good photos where both parent and child / children are looking at the camera and smiling ! What a happy family despite the last 6 months…

Cezanne, such a happy child. May she remain so always…

June 5, 2011

Brookfield Zoo Farewell…

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Our last day in Naperville, last day in Chicagoland, last day in Illinois…
What better way to spend it than with friends at the zoo, especially when the weather is this good !

Above, Cezanne keeps a watchful eye on Etienne and stands still for just a moment with BFF Chloe.

Cezanne (and Chloe, Megan & Etienne) watch the dolphins from the underwater viewing area.

Cezanne reacts to Etienne’s silly behavior. Etienne was drinking his juice and then dribbling it down his chin. The girls thought this was totally hysterical and Etienne being a bit of a showman just had to entertain them.

Cezanne and the bears.

It sure was a hot day and near the end of our visit we found a cooling mist. The girls had to overdo it of course.
The final treat at the zoo is always a ride on the wonderful carousel. 

June 4, 2011

NGC Showcase Finale

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After many hours spent at the Naperville Gymnastics Club over the last 3 – 4 years we reached the 2011 Spring Showcase which was our last with NGC. We had managed to delay our departure just long enough to be able to stay for this event. Cezanne and her team worked really hard all year preparing for their presentation.


Cezanne was a little nervous because there were some things she was not completely comfortable with but she showed that she could do it when she really wanted to and tried her hardest. All the girls did a great job and we wish those going on to try out for team all the very best ! We will miss you all !


June 1, 2011

Cezanne 5th Birthday Party

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First to arrive, Cezanne picks her dress, tests out the thrown.
Check out the makeup ! She is in a world of her own…
The princess and all her ladies. Finally its time, cupcakes & tea !

With the move just around the corner we figured it made more sense to have Cezanne’s birthday party early before we left so that she could celebrate it with all her friends.She and her mother planned this for months and every week it was a different theme or was going to be at a different location until she finally settled on a princess tea party.

As it turned out the party and her graduation fell on the same day and that day just happened to be my birthday so Cezanne and I decided to trade birthday days this year. The day was going to be all about Cezanne anyway 😉

Happy 5th Birthday !

Kensignton Graduation

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dsc_9793.JPG dsc_9804.JPG dsc_9805.JPG dsc_9806.JPG
Cezanne the Munchkin Cezanne’s Kensington 2011 – Graduation Production – The Wizard of Oz
dsc_9810.JPG dsc_9812.JPG dsc_9815.JPG dsc_9839.JPG
Cezanne Graduation Mrs Spears & Cezanne Graduated ! A happy bunch !
dsc_9856.JPG dsc_9858.JPG dsc_9859.JPG
Mrs Shelton & Cezanne Cezanne & Mrs Spears Cezanne & Gracie (BFF)

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