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April 23, 2011

Easter 2011

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We held our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Daleen’s house this year and had let them know¬†the Easter Bunny was on his way and that they should continually check the backyard for eggs, at one point we distracted them at the front of the house while Lanelle and I ran out and hid the eggs around the garden. We mixed it up with some high and some low and some just scattered on the lawn for the little kids to find.

After we were done we went back inside and soon enough they checked the backyard again and found that the Easter Bunny had paid them a visit.

Cezanne knew exactly what to do, she quickly found a bucket in the sandpit and used that as her Easter Egg Basket. All in all the 4 kids had +/- 120 eggs to collect and it took them all of 5 minutes…

After the hunt it was time to divide the plunder and inspect the loot !

April 19, 2011

Always a Pose

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Cezanne just loves to pose for photos and the poses get more and more strange each time. Here at least she is looking like the pretty little girl that she is and not pulling a face or rolling around on the floor trying to be funny.

Enjoy !

April 10, 2011

Spring for Real ?

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dsc_9559.JPG dsc_9574.JPG dsc_9583.JPG
Etienne & Cezanne outside catching up on some Vitamin D intake.
dsc_9584.JPG dsc_9585.JPG dsc_9586.JPG
Of course now when we take photos there has to be a set of poses…

The sun came out and it was actually nice and warm, was this the real start of Spring ?

Who cares, get outside and play in the water and sand !!

April 3, 2011

Cutting in, Funny Faces & Gymnastics

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Etienne, showing off his new shirt designed by Uncle Brett, Cezanne cutting in
Focus turned to Cezanne, and then funny faces…
The really funny faces…
Rachel ( from Gymnastics ) had her 5th Birthday Party @ Gymnastics !

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