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December 25, 2010

Happiness = Christmas Morning !

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Santa obviously got the letter we sent because he was able to find or get the elves to make everything on Cezanne’s list. Above you can see the joy and happiness as Cezanne opened her Moxie Girl, her Flairies, Barbie Fashion Fairytale, and Rapunzel Moxie Girlz. She also asked for and got books and games and way to many other things – spoilt does not even begin to describe the situation – so who’s at fault – oh that would be the parents !

We need to work on teaching moderation, but that is a hard lesson to teach at Christmas when you are only 4 ! Next year we’ll have to do a better job !

Enjoy the smiles, if they warm your hearts then at least the joy has been shared and that is a start 😉 

Snow Sledding w/ Chloe

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Since we were not going to see Daleen and Wener and Chloe and Megan on Christmas we joined them on Christmas Eve for a feast and some snow sledding. Cezanne had not really had much luck with sledding in the past, the few times we did go she got cold far too quickly or fell out the sled and the fun was cut short. This time we had company and being a little older helped as well. The girls had a great time sharing sleds and then eventually sledding down together in Chloe’s sled which was much faster and straighter than the red sled we brought. The snow was falling and caused some misfocussed photos but the general result was worth posting – chilly fun and warm smiles…

December 19, 2010

Breakfast w/ Santa

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December sure is full of traditions and most of them seem to be tied to the playgroup. We joined the group again this year after missing last year due to the fact that we were is Disney ( wish we were there ). Cezanne really loved getting to see Santa and was sure to tell him her list of 4 things she had picked out. We were unsure how Etienne would take to the jolly red fellow, check his blog and see how he did 😉

The kids enjoyed the breakfast and seeing one another again and then were forced to pose with Santa for the ever popular group photo.

December 15, 2010

Counter Top Kids

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I can’t remember the significance of this “event”. Kids eating on the counter top – maybe they just could not wait for dinner – spaghetti & sauce for Etienne, plain spaghetti ( no sauce ) for Cezanne.

December 11, 2010

Christmas Party Photo Shoot

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Before we left home for the annual playgroup Christmas party we took some pictures of the kids at the tree since they were dressed in their fancy Christmas outfits. Cezanne took posing to a whole new level thanks to Barbie Fashion Fairytale !! I love the serious modelling going on above !!

December 8, 2010

Fancy Pose

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When the camera is out Cezanne wants to pose, but only for as long as she is prepared to – you have to take your shot because you only get a moment before she moves on and then taking pictures is not allowed any more !

December 5, 2010

Gymnastics Secret Santa Christmas Party

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Our competitive gymnastics class arranged a secret Santa Christmas party. The girls all got to sit together at one big table. I do not think there was a lot of eating going on but there sure was a lot of monkey business ! When all were done with dinner the gifts were handed out. Cezanne had Mila as her girl to get a gift for and as it turned out she picked the exact same thing Mila had picked for Lola, her secret santa ( 2 Barbies ), as you might expect Mila was very happy !! 😉 Cezanne scored as well getting a Zhu Zhu pet, a Ken doll for Barbie to marry !

The Polar Express 2010

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Our playgroup again decided to take the Polar Express and we all met on a very cold morning at the Lisle train station for the mad dash on board the train ride to nowhere and back 🙂

Basically everybody lines up in the freezing cold, the train pulls up, the doors open and people get on board and race to find seats together. It is a mad house ! The kids love it ! Santa and Scrooge, Princesses and Elves all make their way through the train handing out treats and smiles.

December 4, 2010

Snow Play

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Cezanne has always been an outside kid, the winter is really hard on her. The weather cleared up enough to make it possible to get outside and play in the snow. All she wanted to do was build a snowman, make snow angles, and have a snowball fight. We did all three while poor Etienne watched from inside. Cezanne even had to taste the snow just to make sure it was not a totally delicious treat !

December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar

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Cezanne’s Ouma made this wonderful advent calendar and Cezanne loves the 25 days of December leading up to Christmas. Each morning starts with opening the pocket of the day and discovering the treat inside. Eventually Etienne figured out how it worked and he needed a turn to take something out of the pocket as well ! Sharing is sometimes hard…

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