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August 26, 2010

Summer Camp Finale – Hawaiian Luau

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Summer Camp finally came to and end and it wrapped up with a great big Hawaiian Luau.

Cezanne dressed up with her sunglasses and pink skirt that then still got a hand made ( by Cezanne ) “grass” skirt over the top.


August 12, 2010

I just don’t want to nap !

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After a wonderful vacation which involved many late nights and less naps than normal Cezanne had to catch up on all that lost sleep at some point. She did not want to nap but Chloe was coming to play and we told her she had to nap. This was after all the afternoon of our return from the worst travel day ever. Finally after fighting with her for an hour to take a nap, I found her half on / half off her bed…

August 9, 2010

Canadian Cuties

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A friend of Celeste came to visit with her daughter, Demi aged 4 3/4 and Cezanne and Demi hit it off ! They had so much fun playing on the trampoline and in the basement. After dinner and just before home time the two girls were watching tv when they felt the need to start dancing. I managed to get some video and then they posed for some silly photos. These two really played so nicely with one another and we will have to make another trip to visit so they can see one another again !

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Today we went to another beach around the Lac La Biche area, Churchill Park, and had lunch while the kids played on the beach and swam in the lake. Etienne tried to eat all the pebbles on the beach while Cezanne swam and played on the sand. At one point Lanelle gave her a fruit snack which ended up in the sand, see the before and after photos above 🙂

August 7, 2010

Lake Swimmer – Lac La Biche

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A great photo take by Oupa as Cezanne emerges from the lake. She really had a great time swimming in the and playing on the beach. This really was a great vacation…

August 6, 2010

More Jumping, Berry Picking & Golf

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Cezanne was so eager to jump on the trampoline again that she just had to go out first thing after breakfast to jump on the neighbors trampoline. Later we went berry picking ( strawberries and saskatoon berries ). Cezanne was not really into the berry picking  at first but after Celeste helped her she really got excited about it but it was hard work and the mosquitoes really gave us all a hard time. Finally we decided to have lunch at the local golf course and Cezanne and Etienne went to play on the putting green.

August 5, 2010

Swimming & Bouncing – Lac La Biche

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Finally it was time for our vacation to visit Aunty Celeste in Canada. After the worst travel in history we got there and then the fun started. Swimming in the lake and jumping on the trampoline were the most enjoyable activities for Cezanne.

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