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April 28, 2010

Butterfly Mask

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Cezanne made another butterfly art project, this time a beautiful butterfly mask and it clearly was all that was needed to put her into character…

dsc_5825.JPG dsc_5826.JPG dsc_5827.JPG

April 24, 2010

A Chef’s Birthday Party

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Birthday Party Season has started ! Cezanne was invited to Chef’s Party as she called it. Adeline (not to be confused with Adelyn) from school invited Cezanne and all the other girls from school to a party at the Kids Kitchen where they baked doughnuts and decorated cupcakes. This was Cezanne’s first “drop off” party – we left her and fetched her later – and while she was a little hesitant at first, she soon warmed up enough and was able to say good bye and join the girls in the kitchen. Thanks to Adeline’s mom for the photos that we got via Leila’s mom. We even got some of the left over doughnuts and I have to say they were actually quite yummy !!

img_8073.jpg img_8088.jpg img_8100.jpg

img_8102.jpg img_8103.jpg img_8107.jpg

April 22, 2010

My Brother is Stuck !!

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Etienne has started moving and one morning while Lanelle was getting ready he managed to wiggle himself in under our bed. When Lanelle called me to come and look and take a picture of course Cezanne had to see and she thought it was very funny… 

dsc_5813.JPG dsc_5814.JPG

April 16, 2010

Children’s Garden Again !!

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Spring is here and we can play outside and go to the Arboretum again !! Cezanne is very happy about this because she is very much an outside girl !! Playing with water and sand and swinging outside are big favorites…

img_1826.JPG  img_1830.JPG img_1835.JPG

img_1843.JPG  img_1848.JPG

April 15, 2010

Butterfly Art Project

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Cezanne made this wonderful butterfly and wanted to show it off.

dsc_5803.JPG dsc_5805.JPG

April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt & Party for Uncle Gavin – Spring Break 2010

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The day started early with both Cezanne and Zack getting up at dawn – Christina and I kept and eye on them while the rest of the house got up on their own time. Cezanne and Zack really had fun playing together – they just seem to have made that connection – even though she is twice his age 🙂


After breakfast and everybody had gotten up and dressed we headed out ( leaving Lanelle & Etienne at home ) to the Folsom City Easter Egg Hunt where Cezanne, Aiden and Zack took part in the hunt which is really more of a “run and pick up as many eggs as you can from the field”. I have to say it was all very well organized, there were 4 baseball fields one for each age group and a total of about 18,000 eggs distributed between the 4 fields. Trust me when I say there were more than enough eggs !


So we circled the field which had roughly 4,500 brightly colored plastic eggs all filled with candy and waited for the count down. I took a little video of Cezanne collecting her share of the eggs and in less than 90 seconds all the eggs on our field were in a basket of some or other kind.


Cezanne and the Harvett’s posed for some photos with their haul and we had to open all the eggs and review our loot from this great pillage.


I gave my camera to Christina after taking a bunch of photos of her and Gavin and their boys and she kindly took a few photos of Cezanne and I before we headed homeward, but not before a stop to meet and greet the good old Easter bunny !


Back at the Harvett Home we got ready for the big party and Cezanne and Zack again played outside, this time it was basketball and sand pie baking. When the party started we had another Easter egg hunt and Cezanne ended up with the lucky egg, a single special egg with candy and stickers and a lucky coin !Thanks to the Harvetts for a wonderful spring break- we all had a great time and we miss you already !!

April 2, 2010

Preparing for Easter – Spring Break 2010

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Spring means Easter and with the weather not really working with us, the Mommies found a few crafts to keep the kids busy that they could do indoors while it rained outside.

First they colored eggs and then they decorated egg carton worms. All the kids enjoyed these activities and I think they did a great job. Later I found then all sitting together quietly for a few seconds, moments after these photos were taken they were again running around and around the first floor of the house, yelling and screaming and having way too much fun !

Cezanne working on her Easter Art Projects – coloring eggs and
making egg carton Easter worms.
The calm before the storm… The kids sit together quietly before they
transform into little tornadoes.

April 1, 2010

Sleeping In – Spring Break 2010

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A slow day with not much going on, Lanelle took this one of the 2 kids sleeping in her bed. This was around 10:30am and by this time I was 5 hours into my work day already !


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