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March 26, 2010

Taking Etienne for a Ride…

Filed under: Just Everyday — Dad @ 12:40 am

Today while trying to get everybody out the house and into the car I had to stop to help Cezanne go potty – I had Etienne in my arms and had to put him down, the first best place I could find was the empty laundry basket sitting in the hall waiting for a load of clean folded laundry to fill it… Well when Cezanne finished on the potty it took her all of 2 seconds to see the opportunity to “drive” her brother down the hallway in the laundry basket.

Etienne held on really nicely and Cezanne was very careful pushing him to “school” ( which is I think where she was taking him – he became the child and she was all of a sudden the mommy – she calls him sweetie angle or sweetie darling or honey sweetie or some combination of these…


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