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March 31, 2010

Moon Sand – Spring Break 2010

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We wanted to bring something fun for the kids to play with and asked Christina what her little boys were into and she had suggested Moon Sand – for those that don’t know – think play doh in a sand form that never dries out – really it is like damp sand pit sand that you can press into molds to make forms to play with – pretty cool !

Cezanne got the Disney Princesses kit while the boys got the Disney Cars kit – they did have to play outside with the sand and made a huge mess, but all had so much fun that it was well worth it.

Cezanne’s kit had a mold for Cinderella and horse for a carriage which once complete could actually be pulled along – see if you can make it out in the photos below.


March 30, 2010

Discovering Folsom – Spring Break 2010

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Folsom was a little chilly but coming from Chicago we did not mind and Cezanne took every change she could to play outside. Zack, who is about 18 months, followed her out and the two of them had so much fun playing in the back yard. There is a structure covering their pool pump and Cezanne thought this was just the greatest play house ever. I still had to work, but I worked east coast hours (6am to 3pm) and so later in the day we ( Gavin and I ) took the kids to the park while Lanelle, Etienne & Christina when shopping.

The coolest structure in the back yard !
Fun at the Park with Aiden and Zack Harvett

March 29, 2010

Travel Day – Spring Break 2010

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Cezanne had a week off for ‘spring break’ and we decided it was the perfect time to go visit Gavin & Christina in Folsom, California ( just to the east of Sacramento ). Our trip was smooth, both kids were so well behaved on the plane and in the car and on the bus. It was a very long day for both of them but they held it together and Cezanne even had enough energy to show off a little many hours after her regular bed time.

March 26, 2010

Taking Etienne for a Ride…

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Today while trying to get everybody out the house and into the car I had to stop to help Cezanne go potty – I had Etienne in my arms and had to put him down, the first best place I could find was the empty laundry basket sitting in the hall waiting for a load of clean folded laundry to fill it… Well when Cezanne finished on the potty it took her all of 2 seconds to see the opportunity to “drive” her brother down the hallway in the laundry basket.

Etienne held on really nicely and Cezanne was very careful pushing him to “school” ( which is I think where she was taking him – he became the child and she was all of a sudden the mommy – she calls him sweetie angle or sweetie darling or honey sweetie or some combination of these…


March 16, 2010

Entertaining my Brother

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Cezanne loves to entertain her little brother and he loves to be entertained by her. In this case she turned his exersaucer so that he was facing away from her and then would sneak up on him and blow raspberries which would cause him to look around and burst into laughter. Everybody thought this was very funny !


March 12, 2010

Cezanne Dresses Herself !

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First – sorry for the long delay in posting…

I have been really busy at work and so when my days are done I really do not want to sit at the computer any longer…

Back to Cezanne — on this fine morning Cezanne woke up, went potty, and disappeared downstairs without bothering us and so we slept in a little. Eventually it was time to get up and when I finally made it downstairs¬†I found Cezanne fully dressed – top, pants and shoes – “ready for School”.

While the top and pants do not match at all, I thought she did a very good job of finding things to wear and getting undressed out of her PJs and then dressed in her new clothes !


March 6, 2010

My Snowman

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Cezanne loves to draw and due to this “passion” we have been going through way too much paper. Finally Lanelle got smart and bought her a dry erase board and here is her first temporary masterpiece.

Please note that he has 2 different colored shoes on and a special hat and also different colored arms and see if you can count how many fingers he had on each hand…


March 3, 2010

Shooting Star

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It was Cezanne’s school concert with the theme being “Outer Space”. For the past few weeks we had been hearing bit and pieces of songs from this concert but could never get Cezanne to sing us a whole song. Unfortunately I was travelling so Lanelle did her best trying to watch, take picture and video all with Etienne by her side.

In this concert there were Shooting Stars, Little Dippers,¬† and a few other astronomical bodies. Cezanne was a Shooting Star…


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