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January 31, 2010

Funny Photo Faces w/ Etienne

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While trying to take a few photos of Etienne in his Big Boy PJs, Cezanne just had to be in the photos as well since we were trying to take them in her room in her chair.

I really do hope that her “love” for him lasts – if it does it will be something special.

January 23, 2010

Chloe’s Birthday Party – Cooking !

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Cezanne’s best friend Chloe had her birthday party and it was a chef/cooking/baking party. Daleen setup tables for the kids and each one got a chef hat and apron and all the tools needed to make the various things planned. First they made cupcakes ( from scratch ) by mixing the ingredients and then forming their cupcake and placing it in a cup for baking. While the cupcakes baked they make cookies and hot dogs on a stick. There was time for a few games and then when the cupcakes were ready they got to decorate them.

dsc_4931.JPG dsc_4937.JPG dsc_4941.JPG dsc_4972.JPG
Mixing cupcake dough; Stirring; All done !
dsc_4975.JPG dsc_4983.JPG dsc_5028.JPG
Look at my hot dog on a stick; decorating cookies; Happy Birthday card made for Chloe

January 10, 2010

Junior Gymnastic Olympians

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Today Rachel’s grandfather took photos of the girls and gave us a couple of Cezanne.

cezanne_gymnastics_2010_a.jpg cezanne_gymnastics_2010_b.jpg cezanne_gymnastics_2010_c.jpg cezanne_gymnastics_2010_d.jpg
The girls “pay attention”
as coach Carter shows
them a new exercise.
Cezanne on the
balance beam
Leila, Ryann, Cezanne,
Rachel & Cassidy
“Hand Stand !!”

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