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November 24, 2009


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Now that we know what we are in for with the whole JOMites program I figured I better go and see how much better Cezanne has gotten over the past few weeks. I was taking her initially when work was quiet and I was working solo on a project, but I have not been able to take her for quite a few weeks now. I know she has issues with listening and paying attention for more than a few seconds ( unless it is on TV, then she can remain focused for hours ). She is the youngest in the class, and while there are only 5 girls some are already 4 years old and the difference is very obvious. I was impressed with he improved willingness to try the various exercises, before she would only do it when the coach was watching or telling her to do it, today she when on and did the exercises just like the other girls. She and Rachel, the other youngest seem to get along well and are always sitting next to one another and chatting nonstop. The older girls watch and listen and pay attention, Cezanne & Rachel do not and often get into trouble for this… Cezanne has come a long way – her strength has improved and her fearlessness is impressive. While I am not quite ready to turn the basement into a gymnasium, I am considering getting a few mats and maybe a bar or balance beam for her to “play” / “practice” on, especially during the long winter that lies ahead…


Cezanne doing her hand stand with coach Carter. Rachel is the tiny little girl in pink closest to the camera. The final photo was taken just seconds before the end of class where the coach promised them all a treat for good, hard work. The treat was a lollipop and a Naperville Gymnastics Club Cap. The 4 girls actually looked like a team with the caps on…

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