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November 15, 2009

Dad & Children’s Museum

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Lanelle had a Mommy’s Toy Party at Aunty Michelle’s house so I took Cezanne and Etienne to the DuPage Children’s Museum. We are members but I had never actually been before and found it to be quite an amazing play zone for kids. We started with the blocks and rolling balls testing our grasp of gravity and the fact that ball roll down. Then we moved on to the water play area and the bubble zone where we had a lot of fun. Next it was the wind tunnel and air tubes which kept Cezanne busy for quite a few minutes in fact. We then went up to try find the art area but found the push pins and the performing arts instead. Cezanne joined a performing troupe and together the players put on a show. It was a great afternoon that was over far too soon and we will have to go back to explore the areas we missed. Etienne slept through it all !


Kitchen Tea Party

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Cezanne setup a kitchen tea party for us, see how we each have a place to sit at the picnic.

The “tea” was water from the dispenser in the fridge door and the “cake” was a bit of flour mixed with water. Yummy !



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