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November 12, 2009

J O Mites

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This week while at our special gymnastics class (J O Mites) the 4 girls stopped just long enough for a photo or two. Lanelle and Layla’s Mother were able to dash into the gym and they took these photos of the 4 busy little girls.

img_1514.JPG img_1515.JPG jo-mites-nov-2009.jpg
Layla, Ryan, Cezanne & Rachel 4 little monkeys !

After chatting with the other mothers at the gym, Lanelle eventually found out why the class is called J O Mites – now don’t laugh…

Junior Olympians and the Mites simply refers to the fact that the participants are still small.

Not sure if we are impressed by this or not, sounds like we have a long way to go. At this stage I still think the girls are just cute and cute is not going to win any medals…

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