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September 11, 2009

Going to Wedding ?

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Cezanne picked this up from somewhere… Weddings are events like parties where you dress up and them somebody throws things in the air. When a bunch of roses was about ready to be thrown out, Lanelle gave Cezanne all the petals to play “wedding” with outside. Here are the photos from that “wedding”…


First Day of School ( again )

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This time we remembered to take photos, and feel better about the whole thing. Last time we were so worried about getting her to school and making sure she was ok with the whole thing that we never took a picture so these are the official “first day of school” photos.

We are now in the big 3 year old class and we love our teachers.


September 10, 2009

Gymnastics Future

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So we missed a gymnastics class over the weekend and made up the class on Tuesday. We did a session with a new pair of coaches and after the class were told by the one coach that Cezanne showed promise and was invited to join a special class for beginner “real” gymnastics. We thought nothing of it until we got home and there was a message on the answering machine from the coach letting us know that he has a special “try out” session on Thursday for his squad. We started thinking about it and Lanelle talked to all the other mothers and got every possible conflicting perspective on the subject. We had no idea what to think or do. Was this a commitment for the next 2 years until she would be able to compete at 5, what was the cost, not only financially but in time at the gym going to be, would this ruin gymnastics for Cezanne ? She is only 3 !!

Well we figured we have always said we will try anything and everything once, so we went to the session today and Cezanne was accepted and signed up to start “training” with coach Carter ( as it turns out he own the gym ) twice a week. We are already thinking about needing to setup a gymnastics fund for this new “adventure”, if the return on the investment is a college scholarship then we come out on top.

So an interesting development in an already very busy week.

James had his 3rd Birthday party this afternoon and tomorrow is the first day of 3 year old school !!

September 9, 2009

Meet the Teacher

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Only 2 more days and then the new school session begins. 3 year old school for Cezanne will be from 8:45am until 11:45am and it is going to be a real challenge to get her there on time, but we will do our best.

Today was meet the teacher day and we got to see her class, which is actually the same class as last session but a new teacher, Mrs Powel and there are a few familar faces in her class and a lot of new ones. This time there seem to be quite a few more girls which is good since she was one of only 2 girls for a long time.

We are eager to see her start the new school session and I think she is just as keen !

September 6, 2009

Songs from School

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While playing outside I caught Cezanne singing a song I had never heard before, she does this from time to time, but usually the songs don’t make any sense and she is just making the words up on the fly. This song however had a tune and the words did make sense. I stopped her and asked her what she was singing and where she learned the song. She gave me a look as if to say “what do you mean Dad, I learned this song as school of course”. The strange thing to me was that this was the first time I was hearing the song and on top of that, she had not been to school for over a week. I wonder what else she has learned at school that we don’t yet know about ???

Early in the morning, jumping out of bed,
reaching arms up high, over my head,
eating all my breakfast, running out the door,
if I like this song, I’ll sing it once more…

Labor Day

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We enjoyed a relaxing long weekend at home “celebrating” Labor Day.


Cezanne found a “4th of July” flag in the grocery store that she just had to have and since it was only 44c we felt it was worth it. Not only did it keep her busy while we did the shopping, but it also made a great prop in the photos above.

September 5, 2009

Cookout, Cezanne-style

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Also know as “a big mess for daddy to clean up”. Again one of those decisions that you need to make as a parent, take the easy way out and put on the TV for the kid to keep them still, occupied and out of the kitchen while you try make brunch, or give them an activity to keep them busy that gets them out the house ( outside ) and allows them to play and does not melt their brain ( TV ). Look I do not ban TV all together, it does serve its purpose, Cezanne has learned a lot from the shows we allow her access to, but she needs sunlight and fresh air and exercise, both physical and mental. So I gave her some flour, a few pots, a spoon and she went cooking on the deck. It was a glorious mess for me to clean up, but at least she was out the way, but still close enough to keep and eye on while I made our breakfast / lunch. Sigh…


September 4, 2009

Being the Big Sister

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As the countdown continues to E day ( there is a hint on the name ) we have had Cezanne in a Big Sister class at the hospital where she was able to see the Mother & Baby unit and a new baby as well as practice holding the baby, changing the diaper and wrapping the baby in a blanket. This must have made some impression on her as she was “caught” playing Mommy to one of her dolls. Here we have feeding and changing the poor dear…


Lets hope when the big day arrives this is not lost…

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