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September 27, 2009

Crafts, Email, Wiggles, Kisses…

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Sunday we got a chance to look at the craft projects Cezanne made while at Grandparents Day at school. Here are photos of her with her photo frame and apple wreath.


Later while I was away from my netbook for a moment, Cezanne took the opportunity to check her email… She seems quite comfortable at the keyboard already…

Cezanne has started showing an increased interest in her letters and is now a big fan of both WordWorld and Super WHY ? I think her new school is also helping as they have time set aside each day for both numbers and letters. We are working on letter when we get a chance, here are a bunch of Ms.


Thanks to NetFlix we can watch the Wiggles anywhere and just love all their shows, here we are watching “Growing Strong” – check our muscles !!

We also love our baby brother very much and want to give him kisses all the time !


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