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September 26, 2009

Super Hero Big Sister

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Bed time tonight was later than it should have been, Dad was late coming in to make dinner because of the wall building in the back, Mom was busy with Etienne and dinner, so everything got pushed to a later time slot. Finally with both kids in bed, Etienne started to fuss. I went to help Lanelle with him. He needed a change and as I opened him up he started to cry and Cezanne could not resist the urge to come and check on him. This pushed Lanelle almost to breaking point – she had a long day already, but I let Cezanne come and see what I was doing and she very sweetly ( although she is still a bit rough ) took his hand, stroked his head and said, “I’m right here, it’s ok, I’m right here”. I just love that and it sounds so familiar πŸ˜‰

After getting her back into bed and him back on the Mother to feed finished he cried again and Cezanne again had to just make sure we were looking after him. She came into the room and asked if we were taking care of baby Etienne. Then she asked if she could sing him a song and she did a veryΒ  good job of singing her own version of a song Lanelle made up and always sang to Cezanne. She changed the words by herself to fit and it was really heart warming to see that she really cares and loves her baby brother !

Lets see how long this lasts πŸ˜‰

Grandparents Day @ School

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Today was grandparents day at school and Cezanne was so lucky to have one of her sets of grandparents visiting us from Africa…

The special event was for Cezanne and her grandparents ONLY, and while Cezanne is very comfortable with her Ouma & Oupa at home or when we are around, the same is not true when she is away from us or not at home. She was not really herself, the school looked quite different and it sounded as if none of her class mates where there. I think she felt a bit lost and overwhelmed. She was supposed to go from one class to another and in each class there was a fun activity all linked to the theme of Apples which is what they have been learning all about.

Sorry to Ouma & Oupa for subjecting them to this and then having Cezanne disappoint us all in her lack of eagerness to participate.

Oupa did take some pictures, but if they will be ones we want to post is yet to be seen πŸ˜‰


Later we played outside while Dad and Oupa did some landscaping in the backyard, a retaining wall is finally being built after being on the “to do” list for month !

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