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September 20, 2009

Apple Picking

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In the hope that it would induce labor we went apple picking on Sunday. The idea was that if Lanelle picked enough low hanging fruit she would go into labor and we would have our boy born on 20/09 2009, like Cezanne is born on 20/06 2006.

We met up with the playgroup at Jonamac Orchards for the picking and found a whole lot more to do, there was a play area with a petting zoo, a hay bail maze, a corn “sand pit” and much more. After the kids played around we headed back to the orchards to pick apples. We bought a bag and then let the kids loose on the trees to pick from the varieties that were ready for picking. We picked Jonamac, Cortland, Spartan, Golden Delicious and a couple of others I had not heard of before. Cezanne did well picking the fruit from the tree and leaving the fruit that had already fallen, she had seen an episode of Caillou on TV where he had gone apple picking so this was fun for her to do.

After the picking the kids rode on the apple train which was basically a tractor that pulled a bunch of barrels all tied together – it was very bumpy and Cezanne came back crying – she did not enjoy the apple train.

After some snacks and a few photos we decided it had been fun but was enough of an outing for the Mommy who was now at her breaking point.

dsc_2551.JPG dsc_2558.JPG dsc_2559.JPG dsc_2563.JPG
I got one ! Ride in style. Cezanne & Rhiannon. The apple pickers…
dsc_2566.JPG dsc_2580.JPG dsc_2572.JPG dsc_2569.JPG
Daddy & Cezanne –
Looking for apples.
More apples ! Do you see apples ? We found a red one !
dsc_2595.JPG dsc_2585.JPG dsc_2588.JPG dsc_2661.JPG
Another apple. A fun ride ! Cezanne & Callum. The big rocking chair.
dsc_2634.JPG dsc_2644.JPG dsc_2625.JPG dsc_2623.JPG
I got a pumpkin. Cheese ! Our Fall Postcard Good enough to eat !

Sleeping on the Floor

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This evening we went to check on Cezanne as we do every night and found her in the following position…

dsc_2542.JPG dsc_2544.JPG
Sleeping on the floor with Noddy

We figure Noddy must have fallen off the bed and that she got out to get him, but what we can’t understand is how neatly the blanket is pulled over her, clearly this was on purpose and not by accident.

Strange child…

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