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September 10, 2009

Gymnastics Future

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So we missed a gymnastics class over the weekend and made up the class on Tuesday. We did a session with a new pair of coaches and after the class were told by the one coach that Cezanne showed promise and was invited to join a special class for beginner “real” gymnastics. We thought nothing of it until we got home and there was a message on the answering machine from the coach letting us know that he has a special “try out” session on Thursday for his squad. We started thinking about it and Lanelle talked to all the other mothers and got every possible conflicting perspective on the subject. We had no idea what to think or do. Was this a commitment for the next 2 years until she would be able to compete at 5, what was the cost, not only financially but in time at the gym going to be, would this ruin gymnastics for Cezanne ? She is only 3 !!

Well we figured we have always said we will try anything and everything once, so we went to the session today and Cezanne was accepted and signed up to start “training” with coach Carter ( as it turns out he own the gym ) twice a week. We are already thinking about needing to setup a gymnastics fund for this new “adventure”, if the return on the investment is a college scholarship then we come out on top.

So an interesting development in an already very busy week.

James had his 3rd Birthday party this afternoon and tomorrow is the first day of 3 year old school !!

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