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September 6, 2009

Songs from School

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While playing outside I caught Cezanne singing a song I had never heard before, she does this from time to time, but usually the songs don’t make any sense and she is just making the words up on the fly. This song however had a tune and the words did make sense. I stopped her and asked her what she was singing and where she learned the song. She gave me a look as if to say “what do you mean Dad, I learned this song as school of course”. The strange thing to me was that this was the first time I was hearing the song and on top of that, she had not been to school for over a week. I wonder what else she has learned at school that we don’t yet know about ???

Early in the morning, jumping out of bed,
reaching arms up high, over my head,
eating all my breakfast, running out the door,
if I like this song, I’ll sing it once more…

Labor Day

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We enjoyed a relaxing long weekend at home “celebrating” Labor Day.


Cezanne found a “4th of July” flag in the grocery store that she just had to have and since it was only 44c we felt it was worth it. Not only did it keep her busy while we did the shopping, but it also made a great prop in the photos above.

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