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September 5, 2009

Cookout, Cezanne-style

Filed under: Just Everyday — Dad @ 2:22 pm

Also know as “a big mess for daddy to clean up”. Again one of those decisions that you need to make as a parent, take the easy way out and put on the TV for the kid to keep them still, occupied and out of the kitchen while you try make brunch, or give them an activity to keep them busy that gets them out the house ( outside ) and allows them to play and does not melt their brain ( TV ). Look I do not ban TV all together, it does serve its purpose, Cezanne has learned a lot from the shows we allow her access to, but she needs sunlight and fresh air and exercise, both physical and mental. So I gave her some flour, a few pots, a spoon and she went cooking on the deck. It was a glorious mess for me to clean up, but at least she was out the way, but still close enough to keep and eye on while I made our breakfast / lunch. Sigh…


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