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August 31, 2009

Paper Flowers !

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After seeing how Caillou ( TV character ) made paper flowers for his teacher, we decided that Cezanne and Mommy should try make some too, especially now that we have a professional art desk. These are the great paper flowers made by Mommy & Cezanne. As you can see Cezanne did more of the running around, acting CRAZY, while Mommy did more of the actual construction of the flowers after they had been decorated by Cezanne… I guess that is how true artists do it ??


August 30, 2009

Tommy’s Party

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The last party of the playgroup party season was on Sunday. Tommy finally joined the 3 year old club. Cezanne had to be woken up in order to get there on time and that is never a good thing. She was a little miserable and not even cake could bring her out of her funk ( see photo ). Eventually Abby arrived and she came out and played. It was a climbing structure and I found myself in positions and poses that I never thought possible, but these are the things you do for your kids ( I guess ?? )


August 29, 2009

The Art Queen

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Lanelle finally reached breaking point with the constant “mess” / “art” on our breakfast table and so we decided that Cezanne needed another place to “make art”. Our plan started really small, with just a little side table / coffee table at which she could stand and make her “mess-terpieces”. We looked online at our local IKEA and found a few pieces that would work and then set off to procure the necessary elements to solve the problem. Well for those of you familiar with IKEA they have lots or really cheap furniture and we found bigger and better solutions as we made our way through the maze. Finally we settled on a full sized dining room table which cost the same as the coffee table we had originally decided on, this was bigger than we wanted, but also gave Cezanne enough space for everything…


One of our first projects at the new art desk was to make a crown, just like Alice the Fairy, from one of the books we got from the Library…

August 15, 2009

A Sign – She is Big

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Well I was away for a week and when I returned I got the most precious welcome home. It was nice to see that she did actually miss me and that it was not just Lanelle prompting her to say it over the phone when we had spoken during the week.

On Saturday we decided that we were tired of Cezanne’s art projects being done and left to dry on our kitchen table, so we hatched a plan to create an art space for her so that she could help herself and make the mess in an area not used for eating.

The plan involved a few new furniture items that we decided to pickup at IKEA. When we arrived we both remembered that they had a kids “play zone” and took a fat chance by asking Cezanne if she wanted to shop with us or go play in the kids play zone. With no hesitation she answered that she wanted to play with the kids. We both took a breath and then explained nicely that we would be leaving her there while we went shopping to which she replied that was fine and she was a big girl.

We took her to potty and checked her in and off she went, not looking back for a moment.

Lanelle and I stood there, shell shocked for a few minutes before it really sank in.

We were given an hour of freedom to show and were almost finished when we heard a page that we should return to the kids area. We did and expected to find Cezanne in tears or worse, but all she needed was to go potty and she wanted Mommy. Turns out she could not make it onto the potty and had a little accident on the floor which she says she did clean up.

After finishing what she started, we asked if she was done or if she wanted to go back and play for the rest of the hour – how dare we even think she was done yet !

We checked her back in for the remaining 15 minutes and finished our shopping…

So either shopping with us is really so terrible she would rather endure the uncertainties of a foreign kids play zone, or she has really figured it all out and knows that she is now big enough to get by without us around all the time…

August 8, 2009

Party for Abby

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It was again time to celebrate Abby’s birthday and as Jana does things, it was an all out smash ! The kids had so much fun and I ended up taking so many photos that it was really hard to cut down and pick out just a few that sum up the party. So forgive the “gallery” posting but I am sure you will enjoy them all !

dsc_2043.JPG dsc_2080.JPG dsc_2086.JPG dsc_2094.JPG
Playing Castle, mowing the lawn, water play with Clark and see-saw fun !
dsc_2104.JPG dsc_2118.JPG dsc_2119.JPG dsc_2120.JPG
Playing catch with Tommy and other kids, we watch and then joined in when asked…
dsc_2121.JPG dsc_2122.JPG dsc_2123.JPG dsc_2124.JPG dsc_2125.JPG
More “catch” with Tommy and the other “big kids” plus a couple of animations…
dsc_2129.JPG catch1-animate.gif catch2-animate.gif
A final “cute” photo of the fun with the purple ball.
dsc_2154.JPG dsc_2165.JPG dsc_2169.JPG
So much fun on the see-saw with Abby and Tommy
…and then the dancing started…
dsc_2206.JPG dsc_2211.JPG dsc_2214.JPG dsc_2218.JPG
dsc_2237.JPG dsc_2241.JPG dsc_2253.JPG dsc_2255.JPG dsc_2256.JPG
dsc_2257.JPG dsc_2259.JPG dsc_2270.JPG dsc_2302.JPG dsc_2303.JPG
dsc_2311.JPG dsc_2312.JPG dsc_2313.JPG dsc_2314.JPG dsc_2329.JPG
Cezanne found the dress-up box and the guitar and finally shared a hug !

Toys & Room Play

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…after the Mr. Potato Head incident ( see below ) we spent some time playing with the toys we have now added to Cezanne’s room.


Help I’m Stuck

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Sorry, it has been a while since my last post but I am finally able to fill in the gaps and make up the back log.

Almost 2 weeks back ( 8/8/09 ) we were downstairs when we heard Cezanne calling for help, we thought it odd since she was supposed to be sleeping – it was after all, nap time.

When Lanelle got to her room all I heard was, “bring the camera” so I did and this is what we found…


Cezanne had tried to climb inside her Mr. Potato Head container, why we will never know…

August 7, 2009

Mid Summer Night’s Dream Party

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Today at “Summer Camp” there was a celebration – a Mid Summer Night’s Dream Party for all the woodland creatures and fairies and their friends.

Lanelle put in a little extra effort and made Cezanne a beautiful pink tutu for the special occasion.

Cezanne loved the tutu and as you can see from the photos, had a lot of fun.

We took a few photos at school of her and some friends. Enjoy !

dsc_1980.JPG dsc_1983.JPG dsc_1986.JPG dsc_1995.JPG
Fairy Princess Happy Little Girl Delighted ! Smiley Swinger !
dsc_1998.JPG dsc_2006.JPG dsc_2009.JPG dsc_2012.JPG
Cezanne and “Cindy” “Cindy” is actually Sydney Cezanne
“Come fairies, fly !”

August 1, 2009

Kaden’s Birthday Party

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On Saturday we were invited to Kaden’s 3rd Birthday Party. It was a carnival theme but rain put a bit of a damper on thing, not that rain has ever put Cezanne off.

We got there a bit early due to a breakdown in communication, I thought the party started at 3:00pm when in fact it started at 3:30pm, we arrived at 3:30pm and because of this Cezanne had the whole party to herself for the first 15 minutes.

Kaden had just woken up from his nap and so at first the two just “warmed up” by playing trains. Cezanne soon got bored and wanted to explore the backyard.

I think she had a lot of fun and was totally exhausted when we got home. So was I !!

dsc_1934.JPG dsc_1938.JPG dsc_1949.JPG
Playing Trains ‘This is how you do it’ Swinging in the rain
dsc_1961.JPG dsc_1963.JPG dsc_1965.JPG
I just love the face Bowling Anticipation !

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