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July 26, 2009

Weeks & Weeks & Nothing

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I know it has been a few weeks with no posting, but really very little “newsworthy” has taken place over here. July has been pretty routine with weekly play dates and then weekends with just the usual Gymnastics and then fun in the back yard or an outing to the Arboretum or friends… Nothing “special”…

Well finally we were talked into letting the girls, that would be Cezanne & Chloe, have a “sleep over” which we agreed would first just be a “half sleep over” so we packed all the gear in the car and headed over to the Basson’s where we had a splashing good time in their community pool before going back to the house for dinner, bath and bed time.

The girls were very good all through dinner and even bathed very well and got all ready for bed, but then the actual “sleeping” part of the sleep over is where it fell apart 🙂

They were up until about 10pm and it took a few reminders from each of the parents that this was a SLEEP over, finally they did pass out and actually slept.

I guess we call this progress…

Some photos of the ladies at the pool.


July 12, 2009

Aboretum Children’s Garden

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Sunday was a great day and we took another trip to the Morton Arboretum where Cezanne always has a wonderful time. We played in the swamp where the frogs live, spashed in the secret stream and then had a picnic lunch. Cezanne played a few nature games which was also a lot of fun for her.

img_1417.JPG img_1420.JPG img_1425.JPG
Exploring the Swamp Splashing in the Secret Stream Having a rest !

July 11, 2009

Birthday Party for Callum

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On Saturday we went to Callum’s 2nd Birthday party at LegoLand in Schaumburg. I think the kids had a good time building, learning and playing Lego. Lego is actually rated for kids 5+ but there was enough to keep the younger crowd entertained.

img_1350.JPG img_1355.JPG img_1361.JPG
Cezanne & Giraffe Lego Oupa / Grandpa Daddy & Cezanne Fly !
img_1368.JPG img_1374.JPG img_1383.JPG
Cezanne builds Lego 1st Place Winner ! Girls eat cake !
img_1387.JPG img_1391.JPG img_1402.JPG
Cezanne & Lego Tiger Lego Crocodile Lego Batman !
Daddy, Cezanne & Darth Vader

July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

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We had a really wet and rainy 4th  of July but did get to go and see the fireworks at RibFest – not actually going in this time, just sitting outside on a grass patch so Cezanne could run and play. It did get dark and we took a few glow-in-the-dark sticks with which we wrapped around her so we could see her when she ran off into the dark. The fireworks were again really great, but they were not even enough to hold Cezanne’s attention for more than a few minutes. I had to hold her on my lap to get through the 30 minute show.

The day after was beautiful so we had Chloe and family over for a braai and some backyard fun.

dsc_1825.JPG dsc_1846.JPG dsc_1849.JPG
Swimmer Cezanne Chloe & Cezanne “Come Chloe, smile !”
dsc_1866.JPG dsc_1876.JPG dsc_1883.JPG
Splashing Uncle Werner Oh what fun !! 2 against 1
dsc_1923.JPG dsc_1929.JPG
Silly Princess & Chloe Dancing Darlings

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