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June 3, 2009

School – Last Day – 2 year old class !

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Cezanne graduated her 2 year old class this week.

We were all invited to join in and see what a typical day at school looked like. Cezanne had so much fun and almost immediately forgot we were there and joined her friends in all sorts of fun games. She particularly enjoyed the water table as you can see. Later there was a craft project to decorate their graduation certificates and some more free play. Finally we had the “ceremony” and had a good laugh as each child got to wear the graduation hat, Cezanne even paused for a hug from her teacher. We then ended the day with a bit of a party with snacks and some outside play before we handed out punch balloons to all in celebration of her up coming birthday.

A great way to end the year !! Thanks Mrs Zhang & Mrs Bella !!

dsc_1183.JPG dsc_1186.JPG dsc_1188.JPG dsc_1193.JPG
Water Fun ! Jimmy, Connor,
Cezanne & Joshua
The guys & Cezanne Silly Cezanne
dsc_1211.JPG dsc_1223.JPG dsc_1225.JPG dsc_1227.JPG
Crafts Enzo, Abby & Cezanne Heavy Lifting The Frown !
dsc_1251.JPG dsc_1264.JPG dsc_1274.JPG dsc_1300.JPG
Jump & Dance “Come with me Jimmy” “Me Me Me !” The Graduate
dsc_1304.JPG dsc_1319.JPG dsc_1323.JPG dsc_1333.JPG
Mrs Zhang Helping Mrs Bella Drying Hands Snacks w/ Connor

June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy !

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Birthdays are a big deal to Cezanne and so if it is your birthday you get a very loud “Happy Birthday, < insert name here > !” shouted at you all day long – and it extends to days and sometimes weeks after… A birthday is also not a birthday without a cake and candles so here it is, the ice cream cake with candles and a very helpful little girl assisting with the blowing out !


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