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June 27, 2009

Cezanne performs the opening to Shrek 2

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Shrek, and more recently “the second Shrek” as Cezanne calls it, are Cezanne’s favorite movies ( at the moment ) and she watches it at some meal times or when a Mommy or a Daddy just need to get something done quickly and need Cezanne to “sit still” for a bit. Well Cezanne loves to sing and dance and is now picking up lyrics and dialog from the things she is exposed to so we need to be very careful about what she does get to see…

Here is a link to a video capturing her performance, each one is different but this one is pretty good. I hope to catch a few more performances before she moves on to the next favorite.

I just wish I could get both her face and what was on screen in the shot at the same time so you can see what she is responding to, maybe I need a mirror or some kind of fancy picture-in-picture video ?? Oh well, here it is, enjoy – it is rather large so give it a few minutes to download and then start playing – use the link below the video to save it for replay again later, that way you need not download again…

Shrek 2 Opening

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