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June 25, 2009

What a morning…

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…darkness, quite, peace, sleep…

“Daddy ! Poopie !”

Awake, instantly, “…WHERE ?”

…and so I was up at around 7:30. I think I am going to record that and make an alarm clock with that as the “buzz” sound, each parent will be up in a flash fearing the worst.

In my case I have a girl with “Potty Power” so found the offensive poopie in the potty as it should be. Offensive indeed, a MONSTER poopie the size of a large grapefruit – note I said grapefruit not grape. A flush and it was gone and we headed downstairs for breakfast and more importantly, coffee !

A couple of hours later ( 9:30 ) Lanelle took over and instigated a massive water play day outside. With her “expert” instruction she was able to instruct the the local pool boy / cabana boy a.k.a ME to inflate the splash mat, put out the umbrellas, inflate the outdoor easel and provide drinks for the ladies at the pool.

When the art easel was finally inflated and filled with water Cezanne made the comment about it being “a lovely surprise, Daddy”, this made all the effort worth it. Here are a few shots from her fun morning outside…

dsc_1752.JPG dsc_1763.JPGdsc_1770.JPG

…oh and let me not forget to show off out beautiful roses that have now finally flowered.


Add “master gardener” to my other titles around here !

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