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June 20, 2009


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Hooray ! Cezanne is 3 today !

We started the morning with a new gymnastics class and we had a blast, a nice new coach and so many other little girls to talk to and do gymnastics with, it was a treat ! Cezanne even told the coach when she needed to go potty and we made it without any accidents. Cezanne had really impressed us all with how quickly and how well she has done with the potty training !

Home after gym and then off to the zoo ! We decided that this would be a nice way to spend the day and again one of her best friends (Chloe) and family joined us for the day. Cezanne and Chloe had a wonderful time as they always do when they are together and not too tired or hungry 🙂

It was the first super hot day of the summer so we took swimsuits with to the zoo and the girls cooled off at the splash park. I had to stay close to ensure they were OK which was not all bad, I got to cool off too 😉



It was a wonderful day out but so hot that when we finally got home we decided to open gifts in the basement where it was nice and cool. Here is a selection of some of the gifts that Cezanne received, thanks again to everybody !!




dsc_1710.JPG dsc_1715.JPGdsc_1717.JPG

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