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June 18, 2009

Big Girls Paint Nails

Filed under: Just Everyday — Dad @ 12:16 pm

Two days to the birthday we felt we better let Cezanne open a gift or two otherwise there would be a total overdose on the day. We kept all the gifts from the birthday party for her to open on her actual birthday. Everybody was so generous, the pile of gift was so big it filled the baby crib ( we had to stash them out of reach and the crib was the safest “out of reach” place ).

So Cezanne got to pick one gift to open today and here she opens the card which made an immediate impression on her as you can see 🙂


Later, Granny helped paint nails and this was also a big deal for Cezanne, she even tried doing her own nails after a lesson from Granny ! Thanks for that 😉


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