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June 13, 2009

3rd Birthday Party Bounce Bash

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┬áThis year we ( Lanelle ) decided that we just could not do another “over the top” backyard birthday party. We resorted to a party at Bounce Town, an indoor inflatable party venue that we have been to a number of times for some of the older kids parties and they all seem to have a good time so I figured I would just give in and agree. We then ended up sharing the party with a friend, Bianca, who turned 4 earlier in June.

The party started with a lot of crying – Cezanne jumped off one of the slides onto the hard floor and must have hurt her foot but she moaned about it for at least 30 minutes. I was about ready to call it quits, load her in the car and return all the gifts. I took a few ( 500+ ) deep breaths and pretended to be “Father of the Year” and just ate up her whining until she stopped and we had fun playing basketball / football – see photo below.

Eventually it was time for cake and candles which ended off a really nice party. OK, Lanelle, go ahead and say it (“I told you so !”).

dsc_1443.JPG dsc_1445.JPG dsc_1450.JPG
Its my party,

I’ll cry if I want to !

Now I am all smiles.. A happy party girl !
dsc_1465.JPG dsc_1470.JPG dsc_1473.JPG
All my friends ! Climbing up to… …slide down with friends
dsc_1474.JPG dsc_1487.JPG dsc_1503.JPG
Weeeee ! Playing Football w/ Dad My Mickey Mouse Cake
dsc_1517.JPG dsc_1531.JPG dsc_1538.JPG
Cezanne & Bianca Blowing Candles Happy Birthday Cezanne
dsc_1558.JPG dsc_1566.JPG
Mmmm ! Cake ! Cezanne & Chloe

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