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May 31, 2009

Water Sports !

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A quiet Sunday at the end of May and we were having a great sunny weekend at home. We have not had too many hot days but this was one we were not going to let slip by without at least some water fun. We filled the turtle ( the old sand box ) and the water table and had a lot of fun trying to wet everybody. Eventually the game turned into Daddy chasing Cezanne with 2 cups of water trying to soak her…

dsc_1129.JPG dsc_1135.JPG dsc_1143.JPG
Run Gingerbread man ! Look out ! Looking back at speed
dsc_1147.JPG dsc_1164.JPG
Running wiggle routes Payback !

May 27, 2009

Painting Ocean Blue

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We have begun the great work of moving Cezanne all the way from her baby room into her big girl room right next door. We cleaned up the junk that had piled up in the old sewing room, patched up the walls where necessary and then got stuck into painting the walls in a light blue which Cezanne refers to as Ocean Blue. When asked which she preferred between Sky Blue and Ocean Blue, she picked Ocean Blue. The paint is in fact Flemish Sky, but please don’t tell Cezanne because we all know Ocean Blue is better than Sky Blue !

The photos were lovingly taken by Grandma who was in charge of Cezanne while the rest of us painted. All we heard while we tried to get the painting done was Grandma repeatedly saying, “Stop Cezanne, you have to rolly it” Cezanne just wanted to dip and run and paint without rolling the excess paint off her paint roller. With all her (Cezanne) help we got the room painted just in time to then rush her off to school so we could apply a second coat without needing to watch where we stepped 😉

2009_0527chicago0014.JPG 2009_0527chicago0018.JPG
Painting with Daddy Trying to reach up high
Cezanne painting low, Grandpa painting high
2009_0527chicago0022.JPG 2009_0527chicago0025.JPG
Got some on my tummy Oh what fun this is !

Breakfast w/ Grandpa

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Grandpa on duty helping to get the food from the plate passed the lips, teeth & gums and into the tummy – oh what a struggle it is every day at every meal time… Anything but eating as you can see !


May 25, 2009

Memorial Day @ Brookfield Zoo

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We enjoyed the day off ( Memorial Day ) by taking a trip out to the Brookfield Zoo with good friends Daleen & Werner Basson and their daughter ( Cezanne’s BFF ) Chloe, and Baby Megan – yeah I know it is confusing but just try keep up. Grandma & Grandpa, Aunty Daleen & Uncle Werner, Baby Megan, Chloe & Cezanne and Mom & Dad all made it to the Zoo for a great day of animal spotting. This time we did the Hamill Family Play Zoo and the Children’s Zoo but had to see the Alligators, Bears & Zebras for some or other reason.

We had lots of fun growling at all the bears and got a good laugh out of all the other parents waiting to take pictures with the big kangaroo when Cezanne & Chloe popped up making funny faces and refusing to put on their “happy faces”.

dsc_1017.JPG dsc_1026.JPG dsc_1034.JPG dsc_1043.JPG
Cezanne & Dinosaur Funny Zoo Creatures Chloe & Cezanne ? Making Faces
 dsc_1053.JPG dsc_1064.JPG dsc_1074.JPG
Polar Bear Uncle Werner, Chloe,
Daddy & Cezanne
Brushing Baby Goats
 dsc_1079.JPG dsc_1098.JPG dsc_1110.JPG
Brushing Big Goats Silly Girls No Smiles, only Faces.

May 24, 2009

Early Birthday Present !

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We are suckers for a great deal…

We found a new dresser for Cezanne’s “big girl room” online and went to take delivery of the dresser from the warehouse and discovered that they were having a clearance sale and found a play-set for a steal. We just managed to pack the dresser and play-set in the back of the SUV and got it home where it had to be assembled immediately !

2009_0525chicago0032.JPG img_1157.JPG img_1166.JPG


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Some quiet time with Grandma…


May 23, 2009


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Cezanne and her Grandpa out on the deck reading some instructions…


May 22, 2009

Sandy Play with Grandma

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Cezanne is having an absolute ball with her Grandma & Grandpa. They are enjoying the special time they have together just as much. Today like most days since they arrived, it was outside play with Grandma & Grandpa as soon as Mom & Dad would allow – after breakfast.

Grandma & Cezanne played in the sandpit for a long time singing songs and having long discussions, Mommy & Grandpa watched from the breakfast table until finally Grandma called us all to see that Cezanne had lost her legs in the sandpit…


May 19, 2009

Potty Princess & Ouma se Rokkie

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Cezanne has now got the potty thing pretty much licked. Most days are almost completely dry, while at night she is still in a diaper because we can not send her to bed without plenty to drink, it is getting too hot now and she needs her liquids…


Here is one of those photos we will keep and pull out for her 21st birthday or to show her boyfriends when they come around.

Thanks to Ouma for a few pretty little dresses just perfect for Summer and potty training. Here are a few shots of one of the dresses modeled by Cezanne, outside, where else ?


May 17, 2009

Water Play & Basketball

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Spring is getting more and more like Summer over here and Cezanne is without a doubt an outdoor child. If she could live outside all day everyday I am sure she would… Heaven help us if we ever put a tent up for her or get her one of those little play houses.

Every morning now is a struggle to get breakfast in her before she escapes to the wonderful world outside, our backyard.

On this particular day she was out back again playing with the water table and having more fun than one little person should be allowed to have on their own !

Grandpa and Grandma are enjoying the busy fun that Cezanne provides every day, she is like vitamins.

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