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April 12, 2009

Easter Basket

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Lanelle put together the annual Easter Basket for Cezanne and here she is opening it up and reviewing all her treasures.

dsc_0673.JPG dsc_0676.JPG dsc_0685.JPG dsc_0692.JPG
Ah, a pin wheel… Princesses ! What are these ? Enough already !

April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

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Another week has flown by and I am finally getting around to posting about our Easter Egg Hunt. We invited Chloe and her parents to join us for a braai and Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard. We thought that 30 eggs would keep the girls busy for a long time but they were able to round up all the eggs in a matter of minutes so next year we will have to either get more eggs or do a better job of hiding them.

Easter Egg Hunt 2009 – The girls had a blast, just too few eggs !

April 4, 2009

Vacation Beach Day

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Orlando is not really near the ocean, but we felt that we were in Florida and just had to get to the beach for at least 1 day while on vacation. The best beach from Orlando thanks to a very helpful friend is Cocoa Beach about 90 minutes from Orlando. We found the beach and set up our site with towels and an umbrella and played in the sand for most of the day. The water was a little cold and Cezanne found it to be quite scary, she was not so keen on it getting any where near her 🙂 We did build lots of sand castles and a little pond for Cezanne to swim in when the tide came in and filled it up…

img_0985.JPG img_0993.JPG img_0997.JPG img_0999.JPG
Sand + Surf + Sun Mermaid Cezanne Deep in thought ? Nap Time !!

April 3, 2009

SeaWorld a bust !

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We had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom and thought we would do something similar but different with Cezanne by taking her to SeaWorld. We figured she would be totally blown away by the fish and that the Shamu show would really make her day. We were wrong ! I guess she just did not get it and the amazement was lost on her. We did get soaked by Shamu since we were sitting in the soak zone and that was fun. Here are the few photo highlights from the trip. Looking back on it now, we could easily gone back to the Magic Kingdom again and had more fun with her, oh well, that is how you learn 😉

One funny / almost embarrassing moment while looking at the manatees – I was showing Cezanne the large manatees and asked her if she could see the bristles on the manatee’s mouth, she said she could and then promptly pointed to a man standing next to us and said ‘look daddy, man has bristles too’ – as I looked over, sure enough the man to our right had a mustache.

img_0927.JPG img_0933.JPG img_0941.JPG
Ready for Shamu Caribbean Beat Water Fun
img_0958.JPG img_0962.JPG img_0968.JPG
Dolphins Manatee = Bristles Penguin Pose

April 1, 2009

Disney 2009

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The big day !!

Our visit to the Magic Kingdom and Cezanne was really worked up but not sure if she really knew what lay ahead for her… We got up early and took a bus to the park from our hotel. We were early with a couple hundred other people and waited for the park opening – actually a good idea since she got to see all the characters right away ! Then we headed to the back of the park stopping at Cinderella’s castle for a photo and then met the Step-Mother & Step-Sisters before watching a quick show back at Cinderella’s castle. Next we headed back to the garden where we heard a story as told by Belle, and the high light, Daddy was asked to play the role of the Beast in the retelling of Belle’s story of Beauty and the Beast. We then went to find Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse, the Princesses and of course the Fairies from Tinkerbell. Along the way we got our face painted so we looked like our favorite fairy, Silvermist. We then met with Tigger & Pooh just outside the Tigger & Pooh play area where we got all wet but had a great time. We rounded out the day with a ride on Dumbo and one of the horses on Cinderella’s carousel. All in all a fantastic day !!

dsc_0347.JPG dsc_0350.JPG dsc_0352.JPG
Park Opening Ready for Disney Cezanne & Daddy
dsc_0357.JPG dsc_0368.JPG dsc_0377.JPG
Watching the Show Cinderella’s Caste Happy Family
dsc_0383.JPG dsc_0386.JPG dsc_0388.JPG
Funny Faces Cezanne’s Castle A Happy Little Girl
dsc_0410.JPG dsc_0417.JPG dsc_0449.JPG
Cezanne & Belle In Mini Mouse’s House Mickey & Mini Mouse
dsc_0451.JPG dsc_0465.JPG dsc_0470.JPG
Mickey, Mini & Family Sleeping Beauty Cinderella
dsc_0472.JPG dsc_0482.JPG dsc_0493.JPG
We look like sisters Belle Silvermist
dsc_0506.JPG dsc_0516.JPG dsc_0522.JPG
Fawn Tinkerbell Iridessa
dsc_0527.JPG dsc_0548.JPG dsc_0559.JPG
Playing Pooh Water Fun Cezanne, Tigger & Pooh
dsc_0600.JPG dsc_0609.JPG dsc_0625.JPG
Flying Dumbo Cinderella’s Carousel Little Miss Attitude

More Disney

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We had the Disney photographers take photos of Cezanne in the hope that maybe they got a few shots of her that we missed and also just as a backup. I have to say that we did a good job of capturing each photo opportunity but were lucky to get a few great shots thanks to the Disney photographers. These photos were not cheap, but I felt it was special enough to justify the cost. Disney allow you to customize the photos with some pretty cool borders and you can even add character signatures to your photos before ordering.

image05.jpg image09.jpg
Mickey,Mini & Cezanne Magic Kingdom 2009
image21.jpg image26.jpg image35.jpg
Princess Aurora Cinderella Belle aka Beauty
image41.jpg image47.jpg image50.jpg
Fawn & Cezanne A Happy Hug Dreams Come True !
image54.jpg image57.jpg image62.jpg
Sassy Fairies Tinkerbell Hug Iridessa & Cezanne
image66.jpg image76.jpg
Waiting… Bouncing with Tigger !

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