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March 31, 2009

Too Cool @ The Pool

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On vacation in Orlando, Florida. Great weather – well certainly for a bunch from Chicago in March/April we thought it was wonderful. Warm enough to wear shorts & t-shirts and swim again ! Oh how I wish it was summer already !

The hotel we stayed at had a great pool which was heated just enough to enable you to stay in for hours without getting cold and they had a toddler pool for the kids and lots of pool toys too.

Cezanne was the only kid at the pool on this occasion and so she collected all the balls and pool noodles and they were all here toys as she put it.


em eye sea kay eee why em oh you es eee

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…did you get it ? Still trying to figure it out ?

Read it out aloud and then listen to what you are saying…

This is a hint as to what we are up to this week…

Photos will be posted soon and trust me there will be many !

Tomorrow is going to be the big day, we hope !

March 26, 2009

Telling Stories

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I find myself amazed at times with the level of detail that Cezanne uses to tell me little stories. They are usually actual events, but often of things she has not seen but probably just imagined or put together from things we have told her. I never remember the details and so when she again looked like she was about to tell me the story of the shower in our basement bathroom I asked her to hold on while I got the camera. The story was not quite as well told as before and of course once the camera was out she just had to perform her own thing again. I will keep trying because I just love the concentration and focus on the little details…

Story Telling & Performing Video Clip 1

Story Telling & Performing Video Clip 2

Story Telling & Performing Video Clip 3

Story Telling & Performing Video Clip 4

Story Telling & Performing Video Clip 5

March 25, 2009

Midweek Gymnastics

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Cezanne had a “make up” class this week for gymnastics and it was so nice because the gym was very quiet and there was so much space to run around in. There was a different coach and we were a little concerned about how she would take to somebody other than coach Ray or coach Lauren, but I just explained that this girl was going to be her coach and that she was a big girl and that she would be fine. She then took the hand of the little girl next to her and walked in without any hesitation.

I took a couple of really nice video clips – enjoy !

Gymnastics Video Clip 1

Gymnastics Video Clip 2

Gymnastics Video Clip 3

Gymnastics Video Clip 4

Gymnastics Video Clip 5

March 22, 2009


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After last summer and the mess the kids made with the sand table on our beautiful new patio, we decided to move the messing into the garden and had a spot that was perfect for a sandpit. With a few retaining wall blocks, some stones for drainage and about 16 bags of sand we quickly turned an odd spot in the back garden into Cezanne’s sandpit. She really loves to play in the sand and so when spring eventually gets here I am sure we will see many more ours out on the beach !

dsc_0236.JPG dsc_0249.JPG dsc_0252.JPG
Cezanne’s Sandpit I love sand ! Oh so happy !
dsc_0263.JPG dsc_0276.JPG dsc_0280.JPG
Look my sandy hands Sandpit Pose …a silly face
Funny Face

March 20, 2009

Chloe Coming

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Finally, after more than a week of being sick, Cezanne’s best friend, Chloe was well enough to come and play this morning.

Actually as I type the two are busy having the time of their lives downstairs in the basement, jumping on the bouncy castle, dressing up and cooking in the kitchen.

The reason for this post is actually the way Cezanne responded to the news that Chloe was coming to play…

…please just watch one or two, do not watch them all, you will surely loose your mind ;0

Chloe Coming 1 Chloe Coming 2 Chloe Coming 3 Chloe Coming 4
Chloe Coming 5 Chloe Coming 6 Chloe Coming 7 Chloe Coming 8
Chloe Coming 9 Chloe Coming 10 Chloe Coming 11 Chloe Coming 12
Chloe Coming 13 Chloe Coming 14 Chloe Coming 15 Chloe Coming 16

March 18, 2009

I want to take a picture Daddy…

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Cezanne discovered through my own stupidity that my cell phone can take pictures and now everytime she gets her hands on it that is what she want to do. Originally I though it would be cute, but she got the concept very quickly and now I have to hide the phone otherwise it is a major battle to get it back…

On Wednesday she pulled it out of my pocket while I was strapping her into the carseat after picking her up from school and these 2 shots were the best of the bunch she took between leaving school and getting home.

What is amazing to me is that these are in focus and not just a blur, although I did teach her that in order for the photo to look like anything she had to hold still…


March 15, 2009

Musical Talent ?

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While playing in the basement over the weekend, Cezanne was playing with her keyboard and recorded the following tracks for her new album…

Cezanne Keyboard Singing Session Track 1

Cezanne Keyboard Singing Session Track 2

Cezanne Keyboard Singing Session Track 3

Cezanne Keyboard Singing Session Track 4

Cezanne Keyboard Singing Session Track 5

Cezanne Keyboard Singing Session Track 6

Swimming Indoors & The Zoo

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Finally the weather is getting better and a warm day now means we try get out and enjoy it.

We did not go swimming as the title of this blog post may suggest, well not exactly…


Cezanne found an old swimming cap and some water paddles that Lanelle used for water aerobics and put them on. When she asked us what they were for we told her they were for swimming and so she started swimming up and down the hallway. Notice the fish face in the second shot above…

Just more proof that this child is not from earth I guess…

We did however get out to the little local zoo for a bit and Cezanne did seem to enjoy it although she told us that the owls are scary.


March 14, 2009

Gymnastics Videos

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I said I would try take better video clips from her gymnastics classes to share since the one I took last time with my cell phone was really very poor quality…

Here are 3 clips and I hope you enjoy !

Gymnastics Video 1

Gymnastics Video 2

Gymnastics Video 3

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