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February 21, 2009


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Cezanne has been doing gymnastics on Saturday morning with Daddy for the last few months, at first it was with Daddy in the class and it was so much fun that we progressed to the “I’m Big 2” class all on her own. As it turned out her friend James was also in the class so the two now do gymnastics together.

I took the following video of her with my cell phone so please excuse the poor quality –  Cezanne is the little girl in pink with the pony tail… I will try for a better quality video next week 😉


February 15, 2009

Just Plain Silly

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…do I really need to write something to explain these photos…

This is Cezanne, most of the time, and we love her so !!



February 14, 2009

Happy Valentien’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day !

Lanelle bought Cezanne a singing valentine’s day card which she loves, she walk around the house opening it and holding it up to her ear to hear the song; ‘ooooooooo Hooked on a Feeling !’

Here you can see her opening the card at breakfast.

img_0853.JPG img_0854.JPG img_0855.JPG
Mommy loves Cezanne “This much !” Reading her card !

February 12, 2009

My Big Lolly

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Cezanne had another biting incident 2 weeks ago and so we had to resort to the sticker chart again, but this time with a grand prize for no biting – I found a super-sized lollipop and pinned it to the notice board where she could see it every day and we drummed the concept into her. Each day that she played with others, if there was no biting then she would get a sticker and if she had 5 stickers she would earn her super-sized lollipop.

Well she got 3 or 5 and then was sick so she missed a play date and a day of school that would have gotten her to 5, we played at Chloe’s house on Sunday and there was not biting and then school on Monday and again no biting but she was not into the idea of stickers on Monday so we let it be.

Yesterday we had playgroup here and again no biting and then again today at school, no biting so this evening when she got home we got her all the stickers she had earned and she put them on the chart and we unwrapped the lollipop. It was a big deal for her !

dsc_0053.JPG dsc_0056.JPG dsc_0061.JPG
My Lolly It’s Huge ! Yum Yum !
dsc_0072.JPG dsc_0079.JPG
Cezanne poses with her lollipop Sugar High !

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