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January 18, 2009

Rhiannon Turns 4 !

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It is hard to imagine that Rhiannon is almost twice as old as Cezanne. In some areas they seem so close and then again in other areas the gaps are clear and we can see what we can look forward to over the next year and a half.

Rhiannon actually had a combined party with 3 other boys from the playgroup; Jack, Ryan & Jeffery all shared their party with her at the ever popular Bounce Town. Cezanne was now bigger and more able to take on some of the bouncy activities by herself but for most still needed the support of either Dad or Mom.

The photo above is just odd, I though Cezanne looked particularly cute in her Tinkerbell top and asked if she would pose for me, this is what I got. 50+ photos of the “Jaws of Life” before she smiled for one or two and then ran off to play… This was really the best of the bunch !


Playing with Rhiannon and sliding down a big slide at Bounce Town.

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