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January 24, 2009

Best Friend Turns 2 !

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This weekend it was Chloe’s birthday party and while it did conflict a bit with Saturday morning gymnastics, we were able to fit both in to our morning.

The morning started, as IĀ  mentioned, with Gymnastics which Cezanne now does all on her own while we watch from the sidelines. She did really well this week not needing me to be in the gym near her class at all. She took over the class and enjoyed the jumping, rolling, bouncing, balancing and all the running !

Chloe, who is Cezanne’s best friend ( Cezanne will tell you this if you ask ), had a craft party and as you can see from the photos Cezanne loved it.

If by now it is not clear that she loves to draw and paint then you must have missed all the previous posts šŸ˜‰

There was a “create your own cupcake” table and finger paint ( colored pudding ) which the kids could paint onto the walls or floor. None of the other kids really go into it, but Cezanne made up for that and messed enough for the lot of them šŸ™‚

dsc_9939.JPG dsc_9895.JPG dsc_9891.JPG
See my cupcake ! Finger Painting w/ Owen Murals by Cezanne
dsc_0049.JPG dsc_0046.JPG dsc_0032.JPG dsc_0023.JPG dsc_0007.JPG
I love icing ! Icing is Yummy My icing hand ! Artist at work ! Say Cheese !

January 22, 2009

Finger Paint Please Daddy !

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I guess once she remembered how much fun the finger painting was and how yummy it tasted it was all she wanted to do when I returned from my trip. Feeling like I wanted to make up for being away and not really seeing an issue with her having pudding for breakfast I let her get into the pudding again šŸ™‚

dsc_9860.JPG dsc_9861.JPG
Brief Artistic Pose Tada !
Look at my painting !

January 20, 2009

Finger Painting w/ Mommy

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I had to travel again for work and while it was to a nice destination ( Florida ), Cezanne would have missed school and had to be cooped up in a hotel room all week… Not much fun for Mommy !

The girls made the most of it and had some special Mommy & Me time.

The following week I needed to be on site for the day (today) locally and again the girls got into some fun things – finger painting being just one of them…

Finger painting with pudding is fun, but it tastes really yummy too !!

January 18, 2009

Rhiannon Turns 4 !

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It is hard to imagine that Rhiannon is almost twice as old as Cezanne. In some areas they seem so close and then again in other areas the gaps are clear and we can see what we can look forward to over the next year and a half.

Rhiannon actually had a combined party with 3 other boys from the playgroup; Jack, Ryan & Jeffery all shared their party with her at the ever popular Bounce Town. Cezanne was now bigger and more able to take on some of the bouncy activities by herself but for most still needed the support of either Dad or Mom.

The photo above is just odd, I though Cezanne looked particularly cute in her Tinkerbell top and asked if she would pose for me, this is what I got. 50+ photos of the “Jaws of Life” before she smiled for one or two and then ran off to play… This was really the best of the bunch !


Playing with Rhiannon and sliding down a big slide at Bounce Town.

January 3, 2009

Sunday @ Home

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Since we found there were long stretches in 2008 where we did not take any photos we made a new commitment to take more photos and videos – with time to kill and icy cold temperatures outside we were again forced to stay inside today.

Cezanne took it with a smile…


January 2, 2009

Around the House

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With 2008 behind us and 2009 before us we spent a little time at home playing today.

Cezanne made the craft crown she got from Granny and wore it proudly and then later we played in the basement and jumped and jumped and jumped because it was too cold to play outside !


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