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December 14, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

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One of the playgroups invited us to join them at Breakfast with Santa where we would get all morning to eat and see and sit with Santa. We figured we would try and allow Cezanne one more chance to see Santa and make sure she got her name on the “Nice List”.

She was very excited about the idea of seeing Santa and when we arrived and she saw him she immediately pointed him out to us, but that was all she wanted to do. We took our time and went up to see how the other kids sat with him and each got a little something so finally we went up and sat. Cezanne was still very cautious and clung to me for dear life, but did ease up a little when she got her bag.

Later Lanelle took her and I took photos and then even later still to our total shock and surprise she asked if she could go all by herself. She did and we were so very proud of her. Eventually we tried a group photos with all the kids and Cezanne elbowed her way to the front and made sure that she got to sit on Santa’s knee.

When it was time to leave she asked really nicely if she could give Santa a hug. Such great strides is just a few hours, now if only we can get her to take to the potty in the same way…

dsc_9235.JPG dsc_9243.JPG dsc_9253.JPG
Cezanne, Daddy & Santa Mommy, Cezanne & Santa Mommy, Cezanne & Santa
dsc_9276.JPG dsc_9301.JPG dsc_9309.JPG
Cezanne & Santa Playgroup & Santa Playgroup & Santa

A friend took some video and I have 3 clips for you to enjoy :

1.) Cezanne & Santa

2.) Cezanne & Santa

3.) Playgroup & Santa

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