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December 9, 2008

Tickle Me Mommy, Save Me Daddy, You’re My Hero…

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We have this game where Lanelle will tickle Cezanne, she loves / hates it. I really can’t tell. The screams seem to indicate a bit of both. One day I decided that I needed to pretend to step in and “save” Cezanne and just like that the game was born.

Now most nights around bath time when Cezanne has little to no clothing on, Lanelle will chase her and tickle her and she will call out “Save Me Daddy” and then when I do I get the best reward in the whole world… Cezanne says “You’re My Hero !” 😉

From there she somehow figured out superheros and even has her very own “Hero Pose” here are photos of her posing and fooling around…

Superhero Cezanne doing here “Hero Pose”

A Christmas Tradition ?

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Lanelle decided that since she really loves Christmas she wanted to make it a special time for us all and especially for Cezanne. She decided that she wanted to start some Christmas traditions and one she picked was building a gingerbread house and then decorating it. With us living here in the US were everything is “ready made” she was able to buy a box with all the bits ready to go, all she needed to do was add water to the premixed icing and stir. Cezanne helped but the initial phases of construction took more adult effort than that of a 2 year old, but she watched with interest and we explained that we needed to let it dry and that eventually she would get a chance to put the decorations on the house.

Here is the finished product along with some poses from Cezanne.



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