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December 28, 2008

Playgroup Christmas Party

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Out final Christmas Party of 2008 was with the one playgroup we are now in and involved a wonderful gathering of kids at Regan & Gillian’s house. The kids had so much fun and all played very nicely with one another – yes there were fights and tears and the usual incidents that happen when you have a dozen toddlers running around high on sugar and Christmas, but it was a good party and Cezanne did really well for herself in the Secret Santa – she got a Tinkerbell Art Set !

dsc_9532.JPG dsc_9542.JPG dsc_9553.JPG
Bouncy Fun w/ Lilly A quiet moment A posed smile
dsc_9564.JPG dsc_9580.JPG
Thanks Secret Santa All the kids in a row…
dsc_9612.JPG dsc_9613.JPG dsc_9615.JPG dsc_9616.JPG dsc_9618.JPG
These shots are of Cezanne smiling naturally, caught in the moment they were just perfect

December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

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Finally, after the 25 day count down to Christmas, the day arrived and while Cezanne was aware of Santa and who he was and what he did and that he was coming and would be bringing presents, I am sure that she had no idea it would be anything like this…

She had a great time opening all the gifts and there were many “Wow !” or “Ooh !” sounds that she made as she worked her way through the pile of gifts – we totally over did it again !

After the morning session where we did just the three of us and had Ouma & Oupa join via web conference we had friend over for Christmas dinner where there was another round of gifts and Cezanne played Santa’s Helper dishing out the gifts in order so that each of the kids got a turn.

dsc_9396.JPG dsc_9406.JPG dsc_9438.JPG
I love my blue
snow sled
Mommy’s Dolly Bed Mini Mouse Pez
dsc_9439.JPG dsc_9458.JPG
Mini Mouse Pez
Cezanne’s Salon
dsc_9471.JPG dsc_9512.JPG
How do I look Daddy ? Cezanne’s Big Gift

December 21, 2008

Cute Kid !

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We were just messing around at home and Lanelle got Cezanne all dressed up to go out.

I thought she looked particularly cute again so I took a few photos of her while we waited for Lanelle to get ready.

Cezanne was eating some of the candy off the gingerbread house she had made with Mommy.



December 18, 2008

Cezanne the Red Nose Reindeer

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Just a quick post to show Cezanne’s school craft from today.


They made reindeer horns, as if you needed me to explain.

December 16, 2008

We’ve been sick…

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I know it has been a while, almost a whole month with no update, but there is a good reason…

We have all been really sick, thanks in part to Cezanne who brought the illness into our home and shared it so generously with us all.

Of course Cezanne got well really quickly while Lanelle and I battled through 2 – 3 weeks of the worst flu ever…

The gap has been filled ! See the posts below to catch up on what we have been up to !

I REALLY LOVE SNOW (and I have a crazy Dad)

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We got a good couple of inches of snow and it just kept on snowing all afternoon.

Eventually, after the afternoon nap we just had to go play in the snow.

Not only was it rather cold, but the snow was still coming down as you will see in the photos.

I pulled Cezanne around the yard in the snow sled and she loved it, yelling out “Faster Daddy, Faster !” and then shrieking with delight.

Lanelle really tried her best to get some nice photos of us playing but the snow, the dark and the zoom lens just did not work well together, here is what we got :


December 14, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

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One of the playgroups invited us to join them at Breakfast with Santa where we would get all morning to eat and see and sit with Santa. We figured we would try and allow Cezanne one more chance to see Santa and make sure she got her name on the “Nice List”.

She was very excited about the idea of seeing Santa and when we arrived and she saw him she immediately pointed him out to us, but that was all she wanted to do. We took our time and went up to see how the other kids sat with him and each got a little something so finally we went up and sat. Cezanne was still very cautious and clung to me for dear life, but did ease up a little when she got her bag.

Later Lanelle took her and I took photos and then even later still to our total shock and surprise she asked if she could go all by herself. She did and we were so very proud of her. Eventually we tried a group photos with all the kids and Cezanne elbowed her way to the front and made sure that she got to sit on Santa’s knee.

When it was time to leave she asked really nicely if she could give Santa a hug. Such great strides is just a few hours, now if only we can get her to take to the potty in the same way…

dsc_9235.JPG dsc_9243.JPG dsc_9253.JPG
Cezanne, Daddy & Santa Mommy, Cezanne & Santa Mommy, Cezanne & Santa
dsc_9276.JPG dsc_9301.JPG dsc_9309.JPG
Cezanne & Santa Playgroup & Santa Playgroup & Santa

A friend took some video and I have 3 clips for you to enjoy :

1.) Cezanne & Santa

2.) Cezanne & Santa

3.) Playgroup & Santa

December 12, 2008

Our Own Tree Photos

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Lanelle was just not quite happy enough with the “professional” photos we had taken at the Christmas party so we tried to improve what we had by setting Cezanne up at home in front of our tree. We took over 75 pictures and really, these were the best of the bunch.

dsc_9185.JPG dsc_9208.JPG
Cezanne riding the red moose !
dsc_9221.JPG dsc_9224.JPG
Cezanne, had enough of the moose…

December 10, 2008

…with tears in my eyes…

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I figured I would post the photos first, I have no idea what goes on in her head…

What you are looking at is Cezanne, the artist has become the art ?

She took her markers, sucked on them then spat the colorful spit onto the paper and made a picture. I think she must have missed her mouth a couple of time while trying to get the markers into the mouth in order to make her special “paint”.

This is not the only time, we just were quick enough to capture the moment on “film”.

Enjoy… ( my head still shakes when I look at these )

December 9, 2008

Tickle Me Mommy, Save Me Daddy, You’re My Hero…

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We have this game where Lanelle will tickle Cezanne, she loves / hates it. I really can’t tell. The screams seem to indicate a bit of both. One day I decided that I needed to pretend to step in and “save” Cezanne and just like that the game was born.

Now most nights around bath time when Cezanne has little to no clothing on, Lanelle will chase her and tickle her and she will call out “Save Me Daddy” and then when I do I get the best reward in the whole world… Cezanne says “You’re My Hero !” 😉

From there she somehow figured out superheros and even has her very own “Hero Pose” here are photos of her posing and fooling around…

Superhero Cezanne doing here “Hero Pose”

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