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November 22, 2008

Horsing Around

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Lanelle rebuilt one of Cezanne’s sets of large building blocks that had previously been a little house and turned it into an airplane. Cezanne took to the skies and flew it around the basement this morning. She also took her new horse “Lucky” for a ride.

dsc_8795.JPG dsc_8792.JPG dsc_8806.JPG
Cezanne – pilot of the orange airplane.
dsc_8816.JPG dsc_8826.JPG
Cezanne – Riding Lucky.

November 18, 2008

Website Update

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Sorry, nothing too exciting to post, just the fact that I updated the website with all the Cezanne photos from July, August, September and October…

Visit http://www.lambertsatlarge.com/index.html and follow the links under Whats New or you can just click any one of these links for all the photos.





Enjoy !

November 12, 2008

Picture Day

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It was picture day at school last week and we got the pictures back and here they are…

We were not expecting much in the way of “super” head shots, especially with Cezanne taking time to warm up to new people before she really flashes her “smile”…


November 3, 2008

November ! Already ?

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Well, it has been a while since my last update and here I am hopefully going to catch you all up on things we have been up to over the last 2 weeks or so…

Please page back into October and see where and what we have been !


November 1, 2008

The Other Playgroup – Family Style

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On Saturday we were invited to join Gillian / Rhiannon’s playgroup “family event”. They have these every so often to allow the dads to also be a part of the playgroup… This one was at Kim & jeffery’s house ( same place we went for Gillian’s second baby shower – for Callum ). The kids are a bit older than Cezanne, but she loves playing with the older kids and had a great time…

img_0793.JPG img_0795.JPG img_0805.JPG
Bianca, Lily, Callum,
James, Jeffery, Rhiannon,
Cezanne Is that a smile ?

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