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October 31, 2008

Fall Jumping – Orange, White & Black

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As part of the school Halloween party there was a game called “Jump on the ____ Square” where ____ was either Orange, White or Black. Cezanne loves to jump so this was something she really enjoyed… More about the party to come, but first :


School Parade / Party

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Friday was the Halloween Party at School. There were games to play and then the “parade” to show off all the costumes to the other classes.

This “event” was open to parents and so it gave us a chance to see what Cezanne was like while in class and we got to her classmates and their Mommies.

dsc_8507.JPG dsc_8514.JPG dsc_8524.JPG dsc_8539.JPG
Miss Zhang, Jimmy, Abigail Joshua & Enzo High 5 ! Jumping Colors
dsc_8555.JPG dsc_8562.JPG dsc_8567.JPG dsc_8605.JPG
Connor Abigail Enzo & Connor Bean Bag Toss
dsc_8657.JPG dsc_8669.JPG dsc_8683.JPG  
Jimmy, Connor, Enzo,
Abigail, Joshua, Cezanne
Little Red Cezanne Snack Time !!  
dsc_8719.JPG dsc_8725.JPG dsc_8747.JPG dsc_8767.JPG
Outside Play Sandpit Action ‘Hello Daddy !’ Upside Down ?

October 30, 2008

More Dress Up

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I said me tried to maximize the use of the costume, so off Mommy & Cezanne went to visit and play with Chloe and the Triplets ( Tatum, Brandon & Mitchel ). The kids always enjoy getting together and playing.

img_0774.JPG Here a dinosaur, little red riding hood and a fairy ride their bikes while a dog eats a lolly.There was also a mouse but she was looking for some cheese at this exact moment in time…

October 28, 2008

Playgroup Dress Up

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Since the kids typically only wear their fall / Halloween costume for all of 30 minutes while they go up the street for some candy we figured we would extend the life of the costume a little by setting up a number of dress up play dates around the end of October.

It was the turn of the original playgroup that has all but dissolved now that some have moved and others are on baby # 2, but a great turn out to Lanelle’s party…

dsc_8466.JPG dsc_8467.JPG dsc_8468.JPG dsc_8470.JPG
Pirate Abigail KO Kaden ! Clark the Flash Erin as Bell
dsc_8471.JPG dsc_8477.JPG dsc_8481.JPG dsc_8483.JPG
Fire Chief Nolan and
Chase the fire dog
Little Red Riding
Hood safe at
Grandma’s House
The kids at play Tommy Dumpty

October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Farm & Petting Zoo

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Last year we went to a local pumpkin farm with a petting zoo and while most of the kids in her group were a little too young to really enjoy the animals, Cezanne did seem to show signs that she liked it and so we took here again this year, as part of Rhiannon Sizer’s playgroup…

img_0718.JPG img_0726.JPG img_0742.JPG
Daddy & Cezanne Sitting on the Fence Bouncy Slide
img_0743.JPG img_0750.JPG img_0751.JPG
A hayride with Daddy Driving the Red Tractor At the wheel !
img_0753.JPG img_0760.JPG img_0763.JPG
Feeding the sheep My friend – Cassey Smile Cezanne !
img_0766.JPG img_0771.JPG  
Cezanne’s Pumpkin Cezanne in Fall  

Jumping w/ Chloe

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Aunty Daleen and Chloe were nice enough to invite Cezanne & Lanelle to joining her playground at the local bounce town where the girls had a ball bouncing around…

img_0691.JPG img_0694.JPG img_0712.JPG
At the top of the silde. The million $mile In the ball pit !

October 20, 2008

Ouma Dress & Fancy Stockings

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While Ouma was here, she made Cezanne a beautiful little winter dress. It was only after she left that we got to wear it and so this posting is just for boasting… Ouma, thanks for the pretty pink dress, but pay attention to my fancy stockings…


Baking Again

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Cezanne seems to enjoy being part of the activities that we get up to. Rather than tell her ‘No’ and fight a fight we will never win, we try and let her help or be a part of the task / activity as best we can. Here Lanelle needed to bake and well as you can see, Cezanne needed to bake too…


October 13, 2008

Fair Oaks Farm – Cows Cows Cows

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Hello y’all…

After Oupa saw a program on TV about a huge dairy farm here in the Midwest we thought we would try go visit so we got in the car early on Monday and headed off to Indiana and Fair Oaks Farm. Cezanne was a star on the 90 minute drive down south east and had such a good time playing with all the interactive exhibits. We watched a 4D movie about the farm and Cezanne got to sit on one of the many cows ( see photos ). She met “Mr Tree Man” who ( when asked ) says “Blah Blah Blah Blah”.

We took a bus tour of one of the 10 farms that make up the dairy, each farm supports 3000 cows. At any one point 2800 are on the milking schedule while the other 200 are dry. The cows get milked on a huge carousel three times a day – something quite amazing to watch !

When our bus returned us to the visitors center a baby cow was about to be born, just one of about 8 born each day. We rushed over to the birthing center and were able to watch as a new baby girl cow was helped into this world by the vet on duty. Cezanne actually understood what was going on as I tried to explain the steps and that the lady was helping the mommy cow and how the baby cow was inside the mommy cow and was about to come out.

We then had lunch and played on a huge outdoor jumping pillow – like a trampoline but shaped like a pillow, Cezanne loved this…

At this stage another baby cow was due so Cezanne and I rushed over to see if we could catch another delivery and again we saw the lady help the mommy cow.

With all this excitement Cezanne was exhausted but not eager to leave, it would have worked out perfectly and she would have slept all the way home it some idiot had not flipped his camper on the freeway causing an hour delay. But the little dear was such and angle and did not moan or complain once.

What a fun day 😉

dsc_8295.JPG dsc_8300.JPG dsc_8304.JPG dsc_8305.JPG
Cows Pat Pat They look alike Smiley Cezanne Buttons have
to be pushed
dsc_8319.JPG dsc_8326.JPG dsc_8330.JPG dsc_8332.JPG
Sliding in
the play area
Making friends
& jumping
Having Fun The cheesy pose

October 11, 2008

The 1am Post

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Here I sit, minutes from 1am local time, working…

I am watching as much of the work I have done this year now gets put into play to push a customer into Production… I took some time off today and now with a few minutes to spare, updated the blog quickly with a posting from the end of September…

Hopefully things will slow down a bit and we can get some fun photos for the blog again !

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