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September 29, 2008

So Busy !

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Hello !

Sorry for the lack of updates, we have been really busy with Ouma & Oupa visiting…

Cezanne has now gotten into the routine of going to school and we think she loves it. The biting seems to be a thing of the past, (touch wood) and we keep encouraging her to make the right choice when her excitement or frustration exceed her ability to control the urge to bite. We had another crazy play date here with the triplets and Chloe – all had fun – the girls decided they wanted to play in the water ( one last time before winter sets in I guess ? ). We eventually had 5 toddlers running around in the backyard in just their diapers and at times some even got down to their birthday suits… (Neighbors probably thought the worst 😉

I did take some pictures, but I am in the process of uploading all 50 Gb of photos we have collected over the last 8 years to our website as a backup… I had a dream and realized that the photos are really priceless and if the machine crashed / got stolen we would lose so much – so I am working on the upload and it is so slow… Anyway – probably a bad excuse, but I will post some photos in the next day or two for you all to enjoy…

 Check back soon for photos…

September 28, 2008

Cheerleader in Training !

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I finally got around to posting some of these. Cezanne got a Cheerleader outfit from a friend who had bought it while they were pregnant but then ended up getting a boy so we got the pink outfit seen below.

As if Cezanne ever needs a costume to inspire her !

Notice the little “stage” she created for herself, she then went about singing songs from her CD that was playing in the background…

I was able to take a bit of a video that I must post too, it is too cute, with a bum wiggle and all.

Click here for a link to the video…



Animated Cheer 1 Animated Cheer 2
dsc_8151.JPG dsc_8154.JPG dsc_8196.JPG dsc_8230.JPG
Cheerful Go Team Taking Photos Here I come !

September 25, 2008

Last Splash ?

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We had probably one of the last warm days of summer and Cezanne decided that she wanted to play with her spray mat one last time before it got too cold. She hauled it outside all by herself and got me to hook up the hose and turn it on. Just then Chloe arrived for play date and before long the 2 girls were soaked and having a ball… A little later the triplets arrived and before long there were 5 toddlers in just their diapers running around in our backyard…

dsc_7999.JPG dsc_8000.JPG dsc_8001.JPG
dsc_8002.JPG dsc_8003.JPG dsc_8004.JPG
dsc_8005.JPG dsc_8015.JPG dsc_8025.JPG
dsc_8031.JPG dsc_8090.JPG dsc_8128.JPG

September 8, 2008

First Day of School

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Cezanne is now officially a “big girl” and completed her first day at school with out too many tears. Lanelle dropped her off and walked her in and then left with some resistance, but since we had been to “meet the teacher” on Friday it was at least a familiar environment. We both went to fetch her again and were early and ended up waiting in the car for a few minutes before meeting the class at the door. One of her teachers said she did really well and when asked she did admit that she had fun and wanted to go again… Lets hope this is a good sign and that she settles into the new routine.

We are told that “day 2” is really when things get more interesting so we will see how she is on Wednesday…

September 7, 2008

Ouma & Oupa Arrive !!

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Ouma & Oupa arrived from South Africa for a 6 week visit. We expect that there will be lots of spoiling and we will be left to deal with the consequences… Oh well, at least we should get some additional baby sitting out of it all 😉

Weather looks good for the next week weeks before the fall and winter chill sets in.

September 1, 2008

Labor Day Zoo Trip

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With the labor day long weekend here and such great summer weather we just had to get out of the house and do something outside… We had not yet been to the zoo this year and so we felt it was time to make the trip in to see the animal in all their glory. Next week Ouma & Oupa arrive from South Africa and we start School !! A big week lies ahead !

img_0610.JPG img_0632.JPG
Riding High Frog & Princess
img_0636.JPG img_0638.JPG img_0642.JPG
Cezanne in the Water Fountain, getting wet and having a blast !
img_0651.JPG img_0664.JPG 
Hello Fish ! “High 5” Star Fish !

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